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Welcome to Contractor License Resource SchoolWelcome to Contractor License Resource School

We have a long service history of helping contractors, dating back more than 35 years,
when our Bellflower School first opened up back in 1975 as Contractors License School.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of contractors pass their state exam and
open their eyes to the huge possibilities that the construction industry offers. We will
assist you in passing your California Contractors State License Exam the first time,
plus help you set up and succeed with your business.
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Contractor School Graduate
Kurt Jonas | C29 Masonry CLRG Graduate

"I'm really happy with the dedication of CLRG. I've been to other schools who just wanted your money, but not CLRG. They gave me the time and materials to get the education and information I needed to pass my state test for the first time. It was a great experience. They also helped me with the passing paperwork, and explained every detail. Now I can't wait to enroll for the Business Plannning seminar. I've heard great things about it. Thank you so much, CLRG!"

Contractor License Graduate
Giovanni Cabrera | C20 HVAC - CLRG Graduate

“CLRG took all the guesswork out of this licensing process for me. They gave me all the materials and personal support I needed and I passed the very first time. Thank you CLRG! I couldn’t believe how easy the test was. Most of the questions I studied from their materials and practice exams were on the test. All I had to do was study.I can’t wait to add the General B and possibly the C36 Plumbing license to my C20 HVAC license. That’s my next move. Thanks again, CLRG!"

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                    Why Choose Contractor School

Our generosity of resources and our relationships with our students. As the saying goes, it’s not just what you know, but who you know. We believe in generously sharing our valuable resources with all of our students, most of which come back with us even after they obtained their licenses. We truly value our relationships with all our students and customers alike. (Our School Directors not only assist and direct our students, they also teach some of our seminars as well!) To add, our “In School Full Program” is unmatched in the contractor licensing industry. Why? Because it’s absolutely complete. Other schools will sell you their so-called Law and Trade Programs but will not include such materials as the Health & Safety and Math Review materials. What happens when you get an incomplete program? You fail the test, find out you did terribly on the math and calculations on your trade, and only then they will sell you the Math Review Program. We at CLRG will give you “everything” you need to pass the exam. Call us and we’ll share with you all of what everything is! Our attitude is the same when it comes to helping you with your construction business.

Ask us about our Business Planning and Marketing Seminar. No other school offers this seminar. 

                 Contractor Application Review
       “Did you know that 46% of all applications received by the CSLB are rejected by the board.  
            Call us and we will type your state application for you, accurately and professionally?”

  Stack their license

What is Stacking?
Stacking is adding more trade classifications to your original license. Very successful licensees "stack" their license. Learn more about stacking and other great business strategies from our Business Planning and Marketing Seminar, held twice a month. Start your contracting business on the right track. We will help you.

Get 50% OFF!
Save on our "In School Full Program" by bundling all that you need to get your construction career off on the right track! Our license consultants will walk you through what you absolutely need; our complete and full program, corporate entity for your business, all the state fees, bonding and livescan, as well two seminars every contractor needs. All for one low price! 
Call us and we will show you!

Contractor School Discounts

Contrator License Incorporate

Incorporate for only $595!

Start your business "the right way" by filing your license under a Corporate Entity!
Personal liability protection, immediate business credibility, marketing bigness, write-offs, corporate credit, win more bids...just a few things that sets you apart from the competition. Also, ask us about the board's "double-charge" when filing as a sole owner! Call us and we will definitely educate you!

Graduate Certified Mold Specialist

Nohemi Villanueva | Certified Mold Specialist

"The certification was really good. It was very educational from a business point of view. The instructor gave a lot of resources about becoming a Certified Mold Specialist, setting up my materials, explaining all the tools to use for inspection, including websites and other sources online. I spent $300- for the one day seminar and a few more dollars on supplies, and after only two weeks, I've already made over $2700-. I did two inspections, one for $750- and another one for $400-, as well as an inspection on a very old house which I charged $1500- to do. All I've done for marketing is visit real estate agents in my area. I'm so glad I took this seminar!"

C54 Tile CLRG Graduate
Alvin Gonzales | C54 Tile - CLRG Graduate

"I can’t believe how fast and helpful CLRG was. I enrolled at their Bellflower school and I really got a lot of personal help from their School Director. I owe it all to them, and from start to finish, it only took nine weeks for me to get my license. I would recommend CLRG to anyone I meet. I passed my Law and C54 Tile exam the very first time! Thanks CLRG!"

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