Our program includes
full school access 6 days a week
with an open schedule policy.


Our very simplified but sufficient program allows you to study
from the comfort of your own home
and on your own pace.


7 fully realized seminars that range from EPA Lead Certification to Business Infrastructure Installings.


We have the lowest priced
and most complete set-up
program in the industry.



Your future starts here.

Don’t wait any longer. Speak with one of our advisors to help you on your path to success.


Step 1


– Live Law Classes
– Business Planning and Marketing Seminar
– Estimating Seminar

Step 3


– 6 Passing Requirements
– License Number
– Marketing Package
– Stack Your License
– Multiply Business


– Read Law/Trade Book/DVD
– Orientation
– Corp/DBA/Bus. Entity

Step 2


– Application Process
– Practice Exams (Comp Lab or Online)
– 1 Day Live Crash Course

Step 4

Getting your license has never been easier with Contractors License Resource Group. You’ll have access to top training materials and live classes that will facilitate your success in receiving your state license. We aim to prep you for more than an exam. At Contractors License Resource Group, we hand you the building blocks to a successful future.

A CSLB California Contractors License is so much more than a license. It’s a license to properly and legitimately run your own contracting business. But in any business venture, just as in life, there is a learning curve.At CLRG, we have a saying: “The real challenge isn’t the exam. The real challenge is succeeding in your business and putting a million bucks in your pocket.” The real challenge is growing your business, becoming successful, and gaining the benefit from this success, benefits such as personal satisfaction, a sense of purpose, financial independence, and of course, being your very own boss.

Our company slogan, “Every Contractor’s Foundation”, in its simplicity and core, represents who we are. We want to help you take the guess work out of the entire licensing process and prepare you with what you need to know when you start your contracting business. Our Business Planning and Marketing Seminar, our 4-hour, information packed and very hands-on live class is like no other you’ve ever attended. No other school in the entire state of California offers such class. Our unique instructor, who has more than twenty five plus years combined experience in real estate and the construction industry, will teach you the most vital information in the construction industry, walk you through the necessary steps of creating your very own business plan, explain why branding works for every construction business, and show you every single way to effectively market your construction company. Try us, we guarantee that you will be very satisfied.

Contractors License Resource Group

Preparing for any exam can be an experience filled with anxiety and worry, preparing for a contractors license exam can be downright intimidating. Don’t be intimidated; prepare for success with Contractors License Resource Group.

As a pioneer in the industry, our Bellflower school has been opened for over 35 years, CLRG has been expertly guiding contractors through pertinent course work, the complicated application process, and the often difficult examination itself. What’s more, we are committed to strengthening the foundations of your fruitful career, by providing valuable information on marketing, business planning, and more.

Flexible Coursework Options

Contractors License Resource Group guides each student through the entire enrollment and test preparation process at their contractors state license school.

By offering the flexibility of both at home and in school programs, CLRG provides its students with the vital information, tools, and materials they need to successfully pass their exams the very first time.

Guided Application Process

Just applying for the exam is difficult. In fact, nearly half of all applications to the CSLB are rejected due to errors.

Don’t waste time and money submitting and resubmitting your application. Contractors License Resource Group will accurately and expertly fill and file your application for you. Our experts can handle a variety of applications, from the Original Application to the Additional License Application and many more.

State Exam

The primary mission of CLRG is to ensure its students have the necessary tools to pass their exam the very first time. Each student of our contractors state license school will be prepared for all aspects of their exam. Beginning with enrollment, our students are guided through coursework, the application process, and the testing itself. We like to “over prepare” our students for all of the various aspects of their exam, including — Law, Health and Safety, Mathematics, and their specific trade. That’s why CLRG has a 99 percent passing rate!

After the Exam

Passing the exam and receiving your California state contractors license is just the beginning. Students at CLRG can truly create a career based on their strengths as contractors. We guide our students through the incorporation process, which provides liability protection and peace of mind.

By stacking additional classifications to their original license, contractors are able to offer a wider variety of services and win more bids. Our combo packs allow students to add assets to their license and expand the scope of their business potential.

CLRG knows that true success isn’t just passing the exam, it’s what you do after that matters most. Every contractor knows the importance of possessing the right tools for the job. CLRG has been providing its students with the proper tools for many years. That’s why our students have a 99 percent passing rate.

We are committed to personally guiding our students through the complicated application process, the examination, and creating a stable and growing career. So what are you waiting for, prepare for success. Your future starts now!

Listen To Their Story

Rudy Herrera

From the first step in the door, Josie & Erika were very helpful and informative.

Willy Omar Santos

My experience in school was so good. The teachers are professional and treat you as a person not a number, and the material they provide is accurate and up to date.

Daniel Virgen

First of all I am glad I found this school which has helped me in many ways.

Yener Delgado

The staff from CLRG are very well trained, they helped me step by step until I got my license.

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