Contractors License Resource Group is a California state contractors license school. We have a long and proud history of helping students pass their contractor license exam. We first opened our doors nearly 40 years ago in Bellflower CA. Since then, we’ve continued to help thousands of students become contractors and begin to lay the foundation for a successful contracting career.

We’ve not only been around for decades, but we’re pretty great at what we do. In fact, we boast a 99% pass rate for the state contractors exam. We have dedicated experts as our instructors, state-of-the-art study materials that are current and easy to use, and a wide variety of classes, courses, and seminars to meet your needs on your time.

Prepare and Pass

If you’re a student preparing to take the license exam, we can help you prepare. Let’s face it, you’re busy. You’ve got work, family, and the daily grind to deal with. It can be difficult to find the time and right resources to prepare for the CSLB exam. We help you prepare, so you can focus on passing the exam the very first time.

Options for All

We’re a California state contractors license school offering a variety of contractor license classes including an in-school full program, a home study program, and even test-taking skills and tips for the law and business section of the exam. We also offer classes at a number of locations around the L.A., Orange County, and the Inland Empire. What’s more, these locations are open 6 days a week with every resource you may need to prepare for success.

Work on Your Time

We’re in this together. We don’t just sign you up for a class and then leave you stranded. As a California state contractors license school, we offer practice tests, computer and library access, and open scheduling, so you can prepare on your time. We walk you through the application process and the exam. We’ll even give you weekly reminders and encouragements to spur you on and ensure you pass your contractor license exam the first time.

Something for Everyone

CLRG is not your ordinary California state contractors license school. Even if you’re already a seasoned contractor, we’ve got something for you. We can help you stack additional classifications on your license that expand your skill set and increase your earning potential. We can also help you set your business up as a corporation, brand your business, and market your business.

We can even help you market in the digital age, which is a must for any successful contracting career. Our business-planning and marketing seminar is a useful resource for anyone who wants to start their career off right.

Contact Us Today!

At Contractors License Resource Group, we’ve been an industry-leading California state contractors license school for many years. We’re dedicated to our students’ success not only on their exam but also in their career. That’s why we offer so many additional courses, classifications, seminars, and services to help our students lay the foundation for a long and successful contracting career. Contact us today, and develop the tools you need to hone your skills and advance your career.