God bless the contractor. Why do we say that? The answer is simple: contractors are everywhere and so is their work. From earth to air, if it was built or repaired, a contractor did the work. If it wasn’t for a contractor making sure your building or home had properly installed electrical wiring, you probably couldn’t be reading this.

Make the World Go Around

That’s because contractors make the world go around. They fix the leaky roof so you don’t have to. They unclog the sink because you’re unsure how to. They install a new window so you don’t have to tape up some cardboard. That’s why we say God bless the contractor.

We Do It for You

Contractors demolish the wall, even if you really want to, because they’ve been trained to do it safely (they might be having a little fun doing it, too). Want to add-on an extra room so your unexpected houseguest from high school will get out of your living room? You need a contractor. They remodel your kitchen for you so you can stop promising your wife you’ll do it next year. That’s why we say God bless the contractor.

When people go on vacations around the world, they usually want their picture taken in front of something a contractor built. The Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and the White House were all built by contractors. So the next time you see a friend’s photo of themselves in front of the Golden Gate Bridge you can say God bless the contractor, too.

Save the Day

Big or small if you can imagine it, a contractor can build it. Everywhere you look you see the handiwork of a contractor. Need your garden planned and planted, need your landscaping done, and need the sprinkler system to keep it all watered and growing? You need a contractor. Contractors keep things beautiful and green, so you can sit back and watch the grass grow. When we’re sipping on a nice, cold lemonade and enjoying the tranquility of a summer night, we’re really saying God bless the contractor.

Look Around

Ultimately, we say God bless the contractor because we know the life of a contractor. We know the early mornings, the late nights, and the honest day’s work in between. We know how challenging it is to even become a contractor, because we have a long and successful history of helping students prepare for and pass their contractor license exam. We know how many different types of jobs contractors can do, because we’ve been helping students add additional classifications to their license for years. We also know how hard you work to grow your business and build a strong foundation for a successful career, because we’ve helped you do it. In other words, we say God bless the contractor for all the hard work and all the things to marvel at—from Olympic stadiums to the repair of a leaky pipe—that all happened because a contractor saved the day. Everywhere you look, you see the work of a contractor. God bless the contractor.