At Contractors License Resource Group, we’ve been helping students become contractors for nearly 40 years. But we’re so much more than just a contracting license school: we’re a resource for contractors at every stage of their career. For students just starting out and seasoned pros with years in the field, we can strengthen your personal toolbox, increase your visibility and earning potential, and help you build a strong foundation for a successful career.

Let’s Work Together

We believe that by working together we can all lift each other up. This is just one of the reasons we’re so proud to have renowned Southern California painter Hector Ponce paint a mural of our logo at our new Van Nuys location. We’re proud to support a local artisan who has sharpened and honed his craft, worked with his hands, and poured himself into his work. He wears his profession on his sleeve like a badge of honor, and we know how that feels.

Seasoned Pro

Hector has dedicated his life to his craft. Learning and earning, he has traversed the path from amateur to novice to expert. His work fits perfectly on our walls. Our walls are dedicated to the journey of every contractor that walks through our front door. His work will look upon those students taking their journey to better themselves and fulfill their goals and dreams.

Love Your Work

Hector knows about fulfilling his dream. Born in Villa Delgado, a neighborhood of extreme poverty in El Salvador, he worked to better himself and chase his craft. He traveled to Mexico in the late 1970s and began to chase his dream. By developing a vibrant and playful style of painting, he learned to share himself through his work. We can wholeheartedly appreciate pouring yourself into your work, and that quality is one of the things we love about our students at CLRG. And that’s just one more reason we’re so proud to have Hector’s work grace our building.

Work for the American Dream

He came to the United States, like so many more before and after him, to find his dream or, as he says, his “El Dorado.” He exemplifies the American dream. He came here with little but his ambition, skill, and strong work ethic. Through hard work and determination, he has continued to expand his skills producing a seemingly never-ending string of beautiful and unique murals and paintings.

Kindred Spirits

Hector’s work fits perfectly in our new Van Nuys school, because he is a perfect representation of the spirit of Contractors License Resource Group. We believe in hard work, determination, and the honing of a skill. Contracting in a hands-on form of artistry. We make sense of the electrical mess behind the wall and present a clean and easy to use plug. We hide the mess of plumbing so people can be sure there will be water in their faucet. We make the world a better place by hiding the complexity of daily life behind smooth facades. Hector makes our world a better looking place, too. Thank you Hector for brightening our world. Check out his work and support him!