Getting ready for your contractor license exam is no easy task.

We know how difficult it can be to find the extra time and the proper tools in order to successfully prepare. We know, because we have been expertly guiding students through the application process, the material prep work, and the examination itself for many years.
Contractors License Resource Group’s comprehensive In School Program combines the right educational tools with the flexibility of your schedule to ensure you pass your exams the very first time.

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The Program Includes:
  • Live Law and Business Classes (2 Cycles)
  • 6 Hour Live Law and Business Crash Course (1 day)
  • Business Planning and Marketing Seminar – (4-Hour Seminar)
  • Complete CSLB Application Processing (Expert Review)
  • Contractors License Orientation (App Process, Audits and Time Frames)
  • Every Contractor’s Punch list
  • CLRG Test Taking Tips
  • Unlimited School use for Law Review, Self Studying, and Computer Testing
  • Weekly Personal Reminders From School Director (A Little Extra Push!)
  • Law and Business Study Materials/Binder
  • Law and Business Video Lectures (Complete Guidance through the Law Book)
  • Over 600 Law and Business Questions including Detailed Explanations
  • Law and Business Class Workbook
  • Trade Book
  • Trade Video Lectures
  • Over 600 Trade Questions including Detailed Explanations and Formulas
  • 1 YEAR Of Law and Trade Online Practice Test (Over 1,000 Questions)
  • Health & Safety Booklet and Video Lecture
  • Math Review Video Lecture

The primary reason CLRG’s In School Program is so successful is our expert in class instruction. Nothing transmits information quite like hands on instruction from an industry specialist. Our instructors have been guiding students through study materials and the examination for almost 4 decades; their expertise is priceless. Including unlimited law and business classes, a 4 hour business planning and marketing seminar, test taking tips, and even unlimited practice exams our schools provides a comprehensive program to ensure you pass the first time.

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School Access

The world is a busy and loud place filled with distractions. Having a quiet designated study area, with the proper materials for research and practice, is a vital tool as you prepare for your exams. That’s one more reason our contractors license school is open 6 days a week, providing you with unlimited school access, so you can successfully prepare for your exams on your own time and in an environment designed for your success.

As the old saying goes — practice makes perfect. We agree, which is why our contractors license school program offers unlimited school access for law review, self studying, computer testing, and more. Preparing and practicing for your exams in one of our convenient locations will most certainly provide you with success as you study for your contractor license exam.

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We know your life is busy, and you can’t always be at school, so it’s important that you have the proper study materials, so you can prepare on your own time. Thats why contractors license school provides its students with comprehensive law and business study materials, trade study materials, and DVD lectures, which are available in English or Spanish. The combination of workbooks, booklets, and video lectures make at home study feel easy, especially when paired with our in class instruction and unlimited school access.

That Extra Push

You’re not alone. CLRG’s contractors license school will guide you through the often difficult examination process, from preparation to what comes after the test. We provide weekly personal reminders from a school director and hold your hand through the studying and testing process.

What are you waiting For?

In as little as a few short weeks our contractors license school will properly
prepare you for the arduous examination process. That’s because our In
School Program is designed for your success — in class instruction, flexibility
of scheduling, unlimited school access, and the proper materials for at home
study ensure you’ll pass your exams the first time.


If you’re looking for a complete program that will ensure you pass the Contractors State License Exam on your very first try, this is the program for you! Our In School Live Program is the most complete licensing program in the industry. This contractors license school gives you over 20 hours of live instructions in any of our schools, as well as full school access 6 days a week. Yes, we are open on Saturdays! We have an open schedule policy, so you may make your own schedule. We will go the extra mile by holding your hand throughout the entire enrollment, studying, testing, and licensing process!