Making the decision to take the state contractor license exam is a difficult one. Actually preparing for, taking, and of course passing the exam is even more difficult. If you’re just at the beginning of the application and testing process, you’re sure to have a number of questions. Let us help with the most common.

At Contractors License Resource Group, we’ve been successfully guiding students through the application and exam process for nearly 4 decades when our first school opened in Bellflower CA. And what’s more, we boast a 99% passing rate. With us, you can rest easy and know you’ll pass your exam the first time.

Do I Qualify?

Perhaps the most common question we get about California contractor license requirements is the one you have today: will I qualify? We can help you answer this question. Contact us today to discuss your experience history to determine if you will qualify to take the exam and become a licensed contractor.

How Long will it Take?

The second question you probably have is “How long will the whole process take?” End dates are important to everyone and, perhaps, even more so to those in the contracting business. Contractors know how important deadlines are and we can walk you through your specific timelines and goals. In just a few short months, you can start and finish the entire application and examination process.

Time is an important consideration for any contractor. Between work, home life, and the hustle and bustle of daily life you don’t have a lot of spare time for study and preparation. The contractors license exam can be very difficult for those who don’t prepare. Let us help prepare you with one of our expertly crafted study options.

How Do I Prepare?

We provide you with the most current study materials available and in a wide variety of formats—including CDs, DVDs, and more—and in Spanish, too! Our easy to use materials let you prepare on your own time and in your own way. This means less time spent studying, and more time spent doing what you want to do. Contact us now to discuss how time saving and easy to use our study programs are: many of our programs only require a few hours of studying a week.

Understanding cost, from materials to time to manpower, is a vital aspect of any successful contracting career. Likewise, understanding the cost of any test-prep program is very important, too. Contact us today to discuss what test prep options are best for you and what they cost. Typical prices are less than one job.

Call Today!

So, the only question you should have left is “When can I start?” And the answer is “Now!” Start your career off right with Contractors License Resource Group. Put our 35+ years of experience to work for you. Contact us today for answers to any question you may have about California contractor license requirements and the state license exam.