For most jobs, you just drop off an application or resume and hope to get an interview. But for some jobs…. Well, some jobs you really have to earn. You know the type of job we’re talking about. No one handed you anything. You’ve had to figure out how to get the job done and get it done right. By watching, emulating, and learning on the job site, you’re becoming an invaluable asset. But, in order to become a great contractor you need to earn your California state contractors license.


The Contractor State License Board (CSLB) is a government agency whose stated goal is to protect consumers by licensing and regulating California’s construction industry. They offer 43 different licensing classifications to contractors covering a wide variety of construction skills. They aim to educate consumers about construction law and contractors and detail how the law protects them.

What’s more, the CSLB administers the California state contractors license exam, issues the licenses, and investigates complaints against both licensed and unlicensed contractors. The agency has the power to issue citations, suspend or revoke licenses, and can even seek sanctions against license violators.

We Cut Through the Red Tape

If you’ve ever dealt with a large government agency you know how frustrating it can be. We can help, because at Contractors License Resource Group we’ve been assisting students and contractors with the application and examination process for nearly 4 decades when our first school opened in Bellflower CA. And we know a thing or two about working with the CSLB. We ensure that you correctly fill and file the proper form(s) for your specific contractor license application. Our experience and expertise will cut through the confusing red tape and bureaucracy to make sure your application and examination process is smooth and successful.

Get Your License

Taking the California state contractors license exam can be a trying time. Between work, home life, and the daily grind, you’ve got a lot on your plate and not a lot of time to study. We’ve been working with students on the state exam for nearly 40 years, so we know our way around the CSLB exam. We prepare you to pass your exam the first time; so, you can get on with the business of contracting and growing your business.

Become a Licensed Professional

Earning your California state contractors license is a personal milestone and a professional success, but it is also so much more. It secures your entrance into an exclusive club. You become a licensed professional able to advertise and enact your work publicly and proudly. Like a Doctor or a Pilot, you become a member of a proud licensed profession with a long and honorable history.

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At CLRG, we’ve been helping students and contractors deal with the CSLB for over 35 years. What are you waiting for? Call today to see how you can become a licensed contractor.