3 Creative Ways to Supplement Your Blueprint Reading Course

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When it’s time for you to get serious about understanding blueprints, the best place to start is with a blueprint reading course. These courses offer hands-on instructional training from seasoned professionals. As the saying goes, there’s no replacement for experience.

Nonetheless, completing a blueprint course shouldn’t be the end of your training. The world of blueprints changes fast, and there are different philosophies that take hold at one time or another. In short, you should stay up-to-date on blueprints and their use in the contractor field, even after you finish the course. Here are three innovative ways to supplement your blueprint comprehension.

1. Check out the Blueprints of Your Own Home

You spend so much time in your house or apartment that you know it like the back of your hand. Everything you learn in a blueprint reading course may still feel abstract at first. So when you start studying blueprints, things can really come together in your head if you look at the blueprint of a very familiar space. Making the mental connection between the prints and the visuals of the space you know best is a great way to connect the dots.

2. Explore Blueprint Software

No matter how good anybody is at reading blueprints, there’s always going to be room for human error. Just the sheer amount of numbers required in a traditional job bid opens up the possibility for overlooking a small detail and creating a potential disaster. Some of the best top blueprint software allows for a direct CAD upload, doing most of the work for you out of the gate. There are many built-in resources and calculation tools that can help you get a better intuitive sense of designing a bid based on a blueprint. After finishing a blueprint reading course, use software and you’ll be on your way to customizing your own prints.

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3. Familiarize Yourself with Blueprint Literature

Most successful construction workers had one specific blueprint book that helped them break through the wall into understanding blueprints. Go to the library and grab a stack of blueprint books and thumb through them. See if one or more of these books jump out at you. Blueprint Reading for Construction is an industry classic. It does a great job walking you through the basics of what blueprints are, how they’re used, and how you can unravel the unique symbology that make them work.

Completing a blueprint reading course at Contractor License Resource Group is one positive first step on your path to mastering blueprints. You can complete a course taught by highly experienced professionals in as little as one Saturday. Give yourself an advantage over your competition by studying up on blueprints.


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