3 Easy Steps to Begin Your Mold Inspection Certification

stack of booksThe contractors who end up making the best livings are the ones who seek out a wide variety of certifications. The more things you can do, the more valuable you become to your customers. Hiring a contractor can be a big hassle, so consumers who are looking to save the headache opt for contractors who can handle many tasks, rather than getting a separate contractor for each problem they encounter. For one of the most valuable skills that you can add to your portfolio, this about getting you mold inspection certification.

1. Find a Renowned Certification Program

Contractors License Resource Group offers a full-service mold inspection certification program that provides you with the tools, skills and resources you need in order to become a professional mold remediator, and we won’t short you any materials or resources you might need to master the art of mold inspection, either.

The key is understanding the mold itself, including how and where it grows, how to get rid of it, and how to foster an environment that mold isn’t attracted to. Some certification programs aim to be the cheapest and quickest route toward certification, but at Contractors License Resource, the goal is total understanding, not just jumping through the hoops.

2. Set Aside One Day

Life is busy between work and family and home life and your hobbies—so you don’t always have a whole week, or even a weekend, to dedicate to a class. Luckily, CLRG offers complete mold inspection certification in as little as a single day—that is, a single day that’s jam-packed with everything you need to know in order to be a safety expert on mold identification and removal.

notebook and pencils

In class you’ll learn that much of the battle against mold comes down to the source; where is it coming from and what is fostering the mold growth? Often you’ll find a leak or some area with a broken seal that is letting the elements seep in and allowing the mold spores to germinate. We’ll also teach you that there are some tricks to locating the source and safely purifying and fortifying the area against later mold growth.

After completing the course, you’ll get to take home a mold handbook outlining all of the most useful information, an official certificate of completion, and a handy certification card for your wallet.

3. Get Ready to Increase Your Earning Potential

Even for those who may not want to make a whole career built around mold inspection, having mold inspection certification is a great tool to have in your tool box. These days, a successful contracting career is a matter of being able to do more things than the next guy.

Contractors License Resource Group understands the pressures of the industry, and we are standing by, ready to offer you all of the resources you’ll need to increase your earning potential. Contact us today!


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