3 Essential California Contractors License Requirements

While becoming a professional contractor may seem as simple as picking up the tools of the trade and submitting bids on projects that you’ve spotted in your community, it’s not always that easy. For any jobs where you would be making $500 or more, you’re entering into a whole new field, and in California, you are required to get licensed. If you’re interested in what the future holds for you on your path to certification, here are three essential California contractors license requirements that you’ll need to meet in order for you to get the green light on your business endeavors:

  1. chatting construction workersDo You Fit the General Requirements?

To start your path toward certification, you need to make sure that you’re aligned with the general California contractors license requirements. In order for you to qualify to become a licensed contractor, you must be 18 years of age, manage a full spectrum of daily activities in the construction field, and have four full years of proper, verifiable experience in the classification you are applying for. For the latter two, it is possible for you to be represented by a qualifying individual with the necessary skills and experience.

  1. Are There Extra Steps You Need to Take for Your Chosen Trade?

contractors at workWhile there are three different licensing classifications—General Engineering Contractor, General Building Contractor, and Specialty Contractor—when you receive your license, you also have the ability to add on classifications to expand your business potential. Depending on what you narrow your focus on, you may find that you are required to meet additional California contractors license requirements.

For instance, if you are going to be a contractor that works with asbestos and other hazardous substances, you will be subject to certification that shows you understand the safety protocol. Even once you have your contractors license, it’s not as simple as going out there and bidding on any job.

  1. Can You Pass the Examination?

taking a hard testOnce you’ve made sure that you can apply for your license and you know which trade you are aiming for, you’ve made it to one of the most difficult California contractors license requirements of all: the exam. While you do not have to meet any educational requirements in order to qualify for a contractor’s license, you have to be able to pass an extensive contractors exam in order to get licensed. If you are feeling anxious, no worries. Our contractors license courses at CLRG are beyond helpful for those preparing for the big test.

At Contractors License Resource Group, you can choose between an in-school live program and a self-guided, do-it-yourself program. There are even combo packages for those who are looking to pass the exam and get the green light on their business as soon as possible. If you’re interested in going the extra mile to strengthen your skill set and help you increase your future earning potential, we also offer an eclectic range of seminars for you to choose from.

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