5 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing a Construction Company

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You may know everything about how to build a house, but those skills don’t always apply directly to sustaining a construction company. Marketing and business development is a totally different animal. Read below to avoid some of the classic blunders that many people make when marketing a construction company.

1. Inconsistent Branding

When you think of the most successful companies, you can almost always picture a logo in your mind: Amazon, Google, Kellogg, Ford. A vivid image pops into your mind when you hear the name of the company—and that’s no coincidence. That’s the magic of marketing. All of these successful companies have worked hard to create a recognizable, memorable, visual brand that remains the same in every case.

Small companies often make the mistake of using several similar logos, one for the web and a different one for the storefront. If the name is the same, the brand is the same, right? Wrong! Customers look for consistency and attention to detail, and there’s a comfort in seeing the same logos and color schemes everywhere you go to contact the business. Marketing a construction company requires these same principles.

2. Static Web Presence

It’s great to start a Facebook page, a blog, a Twitter account, and a Linkedin profile, but it doesn’t do much good if you never update it! Your relevance on those social media outlets depends on fresh content. You have to give customers a reason to come back to your site. Would you visit the Facebook wall of someone who hasn’t posted anything for months? Perhaps if you were concerned! Don’t let your customers worry about you due to an inactive web presence.

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3. Deceptive Voice

A really friendly, neighborhood-oriented business shouldn’t sound formal and distant on its website. Marketing a construction company is a matter of showing the public what to expect from your business. If you aren’t great at conveying your sensibility to text, then hire a writer who can capture your unique voice so that your website is a great representation of your business.

4. Failing to Offer a Clear Product

There are a lot of different fields in the construction industry. Your potential and returning customers need to know exactly what kinds of work you do. Be sure to use words and images to convey exactly what the specialty of your business is so they can shop with confidence.

5. Not Knowing Your Customer Base

Learn who your target audience is. If you’re building a new housing development in an upscale neighborhood, you’ll probably be using a different marketing strategy than if you were trying to construct buildings in state parks, for instance. Knowing the values of your target customers will go a long way when it comes to marketing a construction company.


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