5 Useful Pieces of Construction Estimate Software

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Estimating the cost of construction projects is a complicated and important process that requires attention to many fine details. It can be easy to overlook something during a construction estimate—but even a small mistake could prove costly in the long run. Most contractors these days use software to help make this task simpler. Here are some of our top picks for helpful software so you don’t have to blindly pick a program.

1. Gold Medal: ProContractor Estimating

This construction estimate software is one of the best in the business. You can create 3D visual assemblies of the blueprints of the job you’re estimating to eliminate sloppy guesswork. There’s also an included mobile app to let you easily access the software on your phone even on site. In just about every category, ProContractor Estimating ranks above the competition.

2. B2W Estimate

B2W also has a mobile app feature, which is honestly a must-have in today’s industry. What makes B2W unique is that it offers onsite and optional in-classroom training. As with all in-depth software, the buy-in can be very high, especially in terms of understanding how to use the program. Getting some training on how to use the software is a real perk. It lets you skip hours fiddling around and flipping through manuals. And, when you’re making a construction estimate, you don’t have all the time in the world.

3. Sage Estimating

This program is part of a wide range of digital software. You can just buy Sage Estimating as a stand-alone, or you can supplement with other Sage commercial business solutions. You can import CAD designs directly into the software and the simply adjust the scales to make sure they match the measurements of your project. Because Sage offers many valuable job and cost tracking tools, you can find and customize the perfect way to visualize your construction estimate.

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4. ProEst Estimating

For maximum CAD design interaction, ProEst Estimating is the one for you. The software uses shape recognition, which helps mitigate the potential for human error on the blueprints and plans. In a construction estimate class from Contractor License Resource Group, we teach the skill to use this kind of valuable software.

5. EasyEst Pro

The learning curve may be high on this program, but it gets easier as you use it. It has built-in conversion programs and calculators that do a lot of the most common legwork for you. To put this kind of software to its fullest use, you can attend a certification class in job bids and estimation at CLRG. From there, you’ll have a better grasp of the use and limits of the software. This ensures that your bids are on track and competitive in the marketplace.


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