8 Ideas for a Successful Contracting Company Website

As a contractor, you build tangible things: foundations, buildings, roads, and more. In order to do that, customers need to be able to find you. These days, the best way to attract leads and prospective clients is through a great website. Just like the contracting work you do every day, your website needs planning, the right materials, and a team with the best skills to put everything together. Here are 8 strategies the best contractor websites use to draw traffic and generate work from their sites.

1. Goals

You can’t just register a domain name, put a little content up, and expect it to generate leads and income. Your website should be a component of your business plan, including your goals. Consider what you want your website to accomplish before you start to create it. Will it be advertising? A way to contact you? A place for your clients to educate themselves? Or will it a combination of these things and more? The best contractor websites start with clear goals and build towards accomplishing them.

2. Design and Development

brand-in-fireEvery job you work on is unique. You can’t just use boiler plate blueprints and supplies. The same is true for your website. A professional web design agency will work with you to design and develop a site tailor made for your business and your goals.

3. Branding

The best contractor websites create and transmit a brand. Creating your brand is vital for the success of your website. You want your company to be unique, and that means creating and implementing a consistent logo, color schemes, and messaging. While that might not seem important, modern consumers respond well to brands with clear, consistent imagery and messaging. Creating a narrative for your brand tells your customers that you are trustworthy and dependable.

4. Great Copy

The best way to transmit your company’s narrative and brand is through focused text and imagery. Professional copy is more than just words on a page. It’s a series of consistent pieces that work together to create the narrative of your brand. The best contractor websites use great copy that helps direct traffic to the sites and keeps prospective customers interested.

photographer-with-camera5. Professional Photography

Professional imagery works in tandem with copy to help create the narrative of your brand. Compelling visuals show customers the quality of your work. A professional photographer uses proper lighting, framing, and tone to properly convey what your company is capable of.

6. SEO

The best contractor websites utilize principles of search engine optimization, or “SEO.” SEO helps prospective customers find you, and ongoing SEO builds the reputation of your website so it ranks higher in search engine queries. In other words, SEO helps list your website higher on Google and Yahoo, driving more traffic and potential customers to your site.

7. Services Offered

Don’t forget to create service pages. You want your customers to find the services you offer, so make sure each service you offer has its own dedicated page with clear copy and images of the service.

8. Clear Calls to Action

The best contractor websites contain clear calls to action. A call to action is the funnel that leads customers to the goals we talked about at the beginning of this piece. A call to action helps lead visitors to sign up for your newsletter, or give you their email address, or contact you about your services. The call to action should be clear and easy to complete.

9. Bonus Idea – Use a Professional

In the same way that customers come to you because you’re the expert in your field, you should consider using a professional to help you create the most effective website possible. Your company website should convey your brand and help you create more business. Contact Contractors License Resource Group today to discuss your company website, what you want from it, and how you can get there today.


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