The ABCs of Receiving Your Contractor License Application


You’ve got all the talent, skills, and practical experience to work on all kinds of construction jobs. All you need now is a contractor license. Sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, the fact is that you can’t rush into a contractor license application without any preparation. You’ll quickly get bogged down by all the legal jargon and the confusing questions. The more preparation you can get on what to expect when you go in to apply for a contractor license, the better. Here are the basics of finally getting your contractor license.

Knowing Your Options

There are several different routes you can go when it comes to preparing yourself for your contractor license application. Some people prefer to study on their own time, squeezing in moments in the evening and on the weekends in the comfort of their own home. Others like to carve out the time and step into a classroom where a professional can guide them directly. Figure out what your learning style is so you can maximize your progress through the process.

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Take it into Your Own Hands

Contractor License Resource Group offers a by-mail program and an in-person seminar/class for those who prefer hands-on learning. With the mail package, you will get the Law & Business and Trade Materials DVDs, practice exams with detailed answer keys, materials on the CSLB Application Process, and a Contractor’s Licensing Orientation booklet to walk you through the entire process.

How Does Free Training Sound?

CLRG offers a free 90-minute live orientation called CLIO. This stands for Contractor’s License and Industry Orientation. Before you make the decision to put any money down, you can tune in to this no-cost contractor license application introduction. You’ll get an overview of the application materials, testing methods, and licensing practices in the construction industry. Call Contractor License Resource Group at (888) 903-4803 to find out when the next CLIO is near you.

Enroll in a Top Industry Training Class

If you’re looking to complete a contractor license application, chances are you’d probably like to eventually start a business. CLRG offers a 4-hour Business Planning & Marketing Seminar to get a total view of the whole process of starting a business from the ground up. In addition to learning how to knock out the contractor license application, you’ll get professional advice on how to put together a business plan and hit the ground running. This class is a comprehensive and quick walkthrough that will give you confidence to begin your dream business.


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