An Overview of Senate Bill 1159

As the laws change, workplaces change. This is especially true when it comes to immigration status and Symbols of the Lawlicensing. A new bill has recently been passed that massively affects the licensing and contracting industry; Senate Bill 1159 allows people to acquire a license with only a tax identification number. This now means that many undocumented immigrants without a social security number can earn licenses and join the workforce legitimately.

How Things Used to Be

In order to apply to get a contracting license, the state of California used to require proof of legal status through a social security number. And since many undocumented immigrants don’t have one, they had to work under the table and off the books. Needless to say, this severely limits the career opportunities of those living here without valid citizenship.

What Does Senate Bill 1159 Change?

This new bill allows immigrants to apply for and receive a contractor’s license without gaining citizenship. Since citizenship is a timely and arduous process, many immigrant families have had to resign themselves to low-paying jobs. But now, immigrants in California can set their sights higher by getting a contracting license and starting a business. The doors of opportunity are now wide open for Californians without a social security number.

Where Can Immigrants Get a License?


In the excitement of the passing of Senate Bill 1159, some people may jump into the first license program they find. But many of these programs can be costly and may try to get you to tack on a bunch of extras. Contractor License Resource Group is not one of these ineffective, overpriced programs.

CLRG is standing by, ready to educate and prepare a new class of California contractors. Our programs may not be the cheapest ones around, but they will pay for themselves because you’ll receive professional-grade training to march into any workplace with confidence and security.

The Contractor License Resource Group Advantage

At CLRG, getting a license is about more than just passing tests for legal requirements—it’s about learning how to start and run a business effectively. To build the foundation of your contracting career, you’ll study business law and get practical, time-tested trade tips. You’ll learn how to build a network of trust so that your business can gain a positive reputation and grow a happy customer base.

Take advantage of Senate Bill 1159 by getting a contractor’s license and learning how to build your business from the ground up. Don’t be taken in by cheap or lightning quick certification programs that don’t start you on the path to success. Do it right the first time with CLRG. Call us today or visit our Education page to learn more about our certification programs.


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