How to Become a Certified Mold Specialist

To take your contracting career to the next level, you should look for opportunities to add as many certifications as possible to your portfolio. The more qualifications you have, the more attractive you become to clients. One great certification to have in your back pocket is for treatment of mold. But where can you go to find a professional to train you? Contractors License Resource Group has highly trained professionals who can turn you into a certified mold specialist.

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Don’t Go the Cheapest Route

If you’re looking to expand your portfolio by seeking additional certifications, chances are your life is already very busy. It can be hard to justify spending tons of money and time on expanding your horizons. The temptation is to find the cheapest, quickest way to get a certificate and get back to work.

However, spending your time and money on an ineffective program can be a huge waste! If the program doesn’t thoroughly teach you how to identify and eradicate all types of mold, then you’ll find yourself in a pickle if you get a job treating mold. You might barely remember the basics, and you won’t be able to do a satisfactory job. This can lead to disappointed clients, which reflects on your business in the future.

Rather than blitzing through a cheap certificate program, spend your time and money well by becoming a true certified mold specialist. CLRG can give you comprehensive training in one weekend, while furnishing you with all the resources to succeed in the long run.

Look for Experience

There are a lot of certification programs that can seem pretty sketchy. If you’re going to put down the time and money to get a certification, you want to make sure your certificate is legitimate and that you’re getting quality training.

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CLRG instructors are experts in the field with years of combined training, so you can be assured that you’ll be getting terrific guidance based on real-world experience. In as little as one weekend you can complete a mold training program through a combination of seminars, videos, and instructional books. There’s no replacement for experience, and CLRG is a proven authority in turning an eager learner into a certified mold specialist.

CLRG seminars are primarily on Saturdays and Sundays, so you don’t even have to take time off from work to pick up your mold certificate. You’ll learn how to identify mold, where to look for mold in the house, how to get rid of the mold, and finally, how to prevent future mold growth. Increase your earning potential over the weekend with excellent hands-on training at Contractors License Resource Group.


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