How to Become a General Contractor

You’ve been in this industry long enough to know what you’re doing. When it comes to the work, nobody needs to hold your hand. But when it comes to marketing, business planning, and obtaining certification, maybe you could use a little help. Of course you shouldn’t be expected to know how to handle all of your own finances and marketing strategies already, but help is available. In fact, CLRG can teach you how to rise to the top as a general contractor in as little as one weekend.

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Don’t Limit Yourself

The biggest advantage of becoming a general contractor is that you are qualified to do almost any type of construction and contracting. If you feel like you know how to do much more work than you are officially certified to do, then getting this certification may be a big help for your career. This will allow you to do a larger breadth of work, which means that you’ll be able to be more stable financially.

Job security is one of the toughest aspects of the contracting industry. The name of the game is diversification—the more jobs you’re qualified to do, the more work you’ll get. Very rarely will a contractor be successful if he can only do a few types of jobs.

Where to Go For Training

Contractors License Resource Group offers many classes covering different aspects of becoming a successful general contractor. It’s not as easy as simply getting a certificate in your hand. The key is getting real education—learning what makes a good contractor, and how to properly represent yourself.

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For starters, you can take the Business Planning and Marketing seminar, which gives you the basic framework for how to represent yourself, your business, and your skillset. Knowing how to market yourself is not common knowledge. But it is a skill set you can learn, and mastering the business side of your work can pay dividends over the course of your whole career. As the saying goes: don’t work hard, work smart. This goes for contracting too.

The Essential Skill

Where does general contracting start? Before you do any work, you have to land a job, and to land that job you have to make a competitive bid. So if you don’t know how to properly estimate the cost of a job, you’ll never be able to get any work. Or worse—you could end up working for far too little money.

To avoid this disastrous situation, check out CLRG’s Estimating for Contractors class. This will walk you through how to use blueprints and add up the cost of materials and labor in order to arrive at an accurate, competitive bid that will be beneficial to both you and the client. Every successful general contractor has a sharp, quick way of estimating the cost of a job.

Let CLRG provide you with the training you need to expand your skill set. Sign up for a class today and elevate your career.


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