The Best Forms of Note-Taking for Your Contractor License Classes

When you get into your contractor license classes, you’ll be on the fast track, having heaps of information thrown at you in a short period of time. It can be easy to get overwhelmed and just zone out while everything goes over your head. How do you keep listening effectively to all the information that gets thrown your way? The best way to remember is note-taking.

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Note-Taking: A Form of Active Listening

Sometimes you try your hardest to listen well and you can think you’re following along with what you hear, but after the fact, you can’t seem to remember the content as well as you thought. Oftentimes, the problem is that it’s easy to fall into what’s called passive listening. What you want to do is active listening. This might sound like an oxymoron, but the difference is crucial. To listen well and retain information is a matter of taking action. One of the best and simplest forms of active listening is taking notes during your contractor license classes.

How Note-Taking Helps the Memory

Most people are kinetic learners, meaning that they need to incorporate some kind of motion into their learning. This is why hands-on education can be so effective. But if you have to learn something that isn’t hands-on, the next best way to retain the information is to take notes. The act of writing down something you want to remember often imprints that information on your brain and makes it easier to recall. Note-taking isn’t just about going back to see what you wrote down, but it’s about the act of writing it down.

Rewriting in Your Own Words

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One of the best note-taking habits to develop is the practice of rewriting the information you hear in your own words. Doing so forces your brain to process the information in a way that you understand. Think of it like the way you digest food: when you eat, your body doesn’t absorb everything that comes in—it filters out the waste and takes what it needs, like vitamins and minerals. Your body then translates those nutrients into energy you can use. Essentially, this is what your brain will do with the material in your contractor license classes when you filter out the information you don’t need and reformulate the rest into your own words.

Since you’re already busy with work, you’ll want to make sure you maximize the time you spend in your CLRG contractor license classes. The best way to do so is to get yourself into the habit of note-taking, and find the method that works best for you.


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