Boost Your Business by Receiving Your Mold Removal Certification

Whoever said that you should learn to do one thing well and stick to it certainly wasn’t in the contracting business. With changing technologies and a wide array of materials on the market, if you want to excel as a contractor, you have to be able to do it all—or at least more than the competition. If you’re trying to come up with your next skillset, mold removal certification is a terrific feather to stick in your cap of abilities.

Get Certified In One Day

seminar classIf you thought getting mold removal certification would be a big hassle, think again! Contractors License Resource Group offers certification in a single day. The class includes a thorough examination of mold, what it is, how it flourishes, and how to get rid of it safely.

And because CLRG wants to work with you to make your continued education as simple as possible, you don’t have to clear the calendar or go out of your way to get your certification—we offer a class on Saturday afternoons! Just imagine it: you may have finished off work on Friday as a regular contractor, but by Sunday you will have already increased your earning potential by more than you can even imagine.

Expand Your Horizons

In some parts of the country, mold is an absolute fixture of most homes. If you want to talk about job security, knowing how to remove mold is a gold mine skill set. With our one-day mold removal certification, you can vastly increase your earning potential—whether you plan on doing work with mold exclusively, or you plan to offer it as one skill in your repertoire.

When it comes to the latter, you may even be able to chain jobs together! For example, if you got a job removing a fireplace from a home, but you notice there’s also a mold problem that needs addressing, you can talk to your clients and see if they’d like you to get rid of the mold while you’re at it.Because you’ll save your client from having to hunt down another contractor, you’ll practically be a shoe in!

Why Trust Contractors License Resource Group?

study material

Some of these certification programs seem pretty easy. Maybe a little too easy. Contractors License Resource Group doesn’t offer the quickest or the cheapest option for mold removal certification. But it does offer the best, most comprehensive program around. We believe that if you want to achieve real business success, you can’t just collect a bunch of cheap certifications and think you’ve accomplished something. You need to gain real, practical expertise.

CLRG won’t hand you your mold removal certification until we’re certain that you thoroughly understand the process of inspecting, remediating, and preventing mold. This is how CLRG has maintained an excellent reputation over years of service. If you want to become a true expert and gain the tools and knowledge to identify and eliminate mold, come to CLRG. For any questions you may have about our programs, feel free to contact us today!


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