Why Construction Estimating Training Is Crucial to Your Business Success

construction estimating schoolIt may seem like the work that you perform is the most important part of the succeeding in the contracting industry, but if you don’t have the skills to properly and accurately estimate the cost of a job, you’ll never win any bids to get the work to begin with. To get a competitive edge and add a beyond useful skill to your repertoire, take part in our quality construction estimating training at Contractors License Resource Group.

Learn to See What Your Competition Can’t See

If you want to get a competitive edge, you have to beat your competitors in the initial step: the estimate. The first way to gain the trust of a potential client is to show them a complete plan with a transparent cost breakdown. You can’t get very far in an industry like construction by pulling the wool over the eyes of your customers. The construction industry is built on trust, and clients often will not sign on to a project with a contractor who who seems dishonest.

By gaining expertise with construction estimating training, you can offer an accurate gameplan to your clients which explains why the other estimates they received are either too high or too low for the job.

You Can Lose Time And Money With a Low Bid

Let’s say you have plenty of work—maybe even too much. You win bids on most of the jobs that you set your eye on, but you ultimately don’t make much profit because your initial bid was too low. If this sounds familiar, you could also benefit from construction estimating training.

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’re wasting your time working for nothing just because you gave an unrealistic estimate, but there really isn’t anything that you can do about it once you’ve started. By then you’re too far in, you can’t ruin your reputation by asking your client for more money, and you’ll just have to bite the bullet on this one. However, with proper training, you’ll never have to be in this situation again.

construction estimating trainingOffer Price-Point Alternatives

Some clients have a very specific number in mind of what they’d like to spend on a job. A skilled estimator backed up by what he’s learned in his excellent construction estimating training will be able to offer simpler alternatives on certain aspects of the proposed project that will bring the cost down. Be familiar with a wide variety of materials so that you can offer cheaper material costs in one place and higher quality materials elsewhere. The goal is to get the right quality of product at the right price.

Contractors License Resource Group offers a step-by-step construction estimating training course where you can learn to accurately assess jobs that range from simple to the most complex. Enroll today!


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