How the CSLB’s New Classification Law Would Affect California State Contractors

There are a few very unfortunate contractor classification laws in California that have confused and stunted economic growth. The exciting news is that the Contractors State License Board is reformatting certain legislation to make allowance for a whole new class of contractors. This should stimulate the economy by creating a wider work pool for California state contractors.

C1 Non-Structural Remodel Repair

steel reinforcing barsThis new legislation would allow for a new classification of California state contractors. These C1 contractors would be able to work on projects that include two or more trades, as long as framing isn’t involved.

Framing has been the proverbial thorn in the side for innumerable construction projects over the years. The complication with framing is that it requires a different level of expertise, since it involves dealing with alterations to the load-bearing portion of a structure. In the eyes of the new legislation, only those who are certified to deal with these essential structural elements will be allowed to handle such projects.

The problem up to this point has been that nearly every person working on any kind of structure has needed to have framing certification, even if there wasn’t any framing work involved in the project. It is an unrealistic expectation for so many California state contractors to be certified for framing, and it can be hard to justify going through all the trouble of earning certification for framing if that is not part of your business.

California is Wising Up

concrete construction workerThings are changing, and now contractors will be able to seek out only the certifications relevant to their field. In essence, this will work in favor for many contractors.

California lawmakers seem to have caught wind that the current legislation has actually fostered an underground economy, leading to more unlicensed workers completing projects under the table. Thankfully, the CSLB were able to see that this is less a case of malicious unlawful activity than a case of poorly written laws. California state contractors will now be able to work on projects that don’t involve framing without holding a framing certification.

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