The Easiest Way to Receive Your Mold Inspector Certification

As a contractor, you know that there’s a lot of competition for jobs in the industry. Anything you can do to bolster your resume and get one step ahead is well worth the effort. One way to get a leg up on the competition is to go through the process of getting your mold inspector certification. But where can you go to get the proper training for this line of work?


Back to School

While there’s a lot of research you can do on your own to find out about how to spot mold and eradicate it, the best way is really to take a class on it. Taking a short professional class can actually save you lots of time and energy, as you’ll be handed the best resources to learn about mold, rather than having to aimlessly search the web and check out library books.

Getting a little bit of direction from the outset is the best way to start your journey toward mastering all things mold. Don’t waste your weekends on the computer trying to put together the pieces when you can jump into a quick, concentrated class that will give you official certification and the know-how to earn your mold inspector certification.

What to Expect In a Class on Mold

Mold Awareness Certification at Contractors License Resource Group includes an afternoon seminar and a package of valuable resources to help you stay sharp in the field. Highly experienced professionals will guide you through the process of learning about mold, how to spot it, and how to get rid of it safely and effectively. Only then will you truly qualify to get your mold inspector certification.

A Network of Trust


Dealing with mold can be complicated and there are many different approaches. To find the right way, it’s best to talk to professionals with lots of experience in the field.

Since trust is the key to quality certification, Contractors License Resource Group doesn’t give the the quickest or cheapest certificate possible. If that’s what you want, there are plenty of online programs you can blaze through and print out your certification. But CLRG believes in true education—providing you with a full understanding of mold that will let you march onto the job site with confidence.

There’s no need to clear the calendar to get your Mold Awareness Certification from CLRG. In just one day, you can walk away with a certification and the know-how for you to succeed in mold management.


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