How to Build a Solid Contractor Marketing Strategy

house-blueprintWhen you’re working a job you need a well thought out plan, the right tools and supplies, and the proper skills to get the job done right. The same is true for your marketing strategy. Marketing strategies for contractors are a lot like blueprints: they lay out the goals of your business and detail the tools and supplies you’ll need to accomplish the job. Keep reading to find out more about building and implementing a solid marketing strategy.

Understand Your Craft

You’re not just a general contractor, a plumber, or an electrician. Because you provide a service for your customers, you’re also in the service industry. Understanding that mindset is necessary before you begin marketing your business. Prospective clients don’t just want a plumber, they want a great plumber who provides excellent service. The best marketing strategies for contractors convey the quality of service you provide.

Identify Your Target

construction-worker silhouettesOnce you know what aspects of your service you want to focus on in your marketing you need to identify your target market. What community or area will you be focusing on? Will your marketing strategy focus on customers, real estate agents, general contractors that will subcontract your work, or someone else? Understanding your area and the places there are opportunities for growth will shape your target market and help you to sharpen and craft your message.

Create Your Message

One of the most important aspects of marketing strategies for contractors is crafting your message. Your message distinguishes your company from your competitors and communicates the narrative of your brand. You want your message to be concise, consistent, informative, and memorable.

Your message should communicate the quality of your work and service, the licensed skills you offer, your mission statement, your company history, and why customers should choose you.


Once you have identified your target audience and develop your brand’s message you’ll need to figure out what communicative medium you’ll use to reach that market. Will you take out radio spots, bench ads, and newspaper postings? Or will you focus on the web? The best marketing strategies for contractors utilize a combination of many media.

hands-typing on macbookOnline Presence

Nowadays the most effective form of marketing is a strong online presence. Your website is most likely the first interaction prospective customers have with your brand. You want to ensure that it is a great experience. Your website should convey the narrative of your brand to your customers, and let customers know what kind of service they can expect from you. Finally, don’t forget to direct them to contact you for more information.

Work With a Professional

At Contractors License Resource Group we have nearly 40 years experience helping contractors achieve their career goals. We can help you develop and implement your plan with our seminars and workshops on marketing strategies for contractors. We can help you create a website, business cards, and even a logo. Contact us today and together we’ll create a tailor made marketing strategy for your contractor business.


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