The Importance of Branding for Your Contractor Company

You’ve definitely got the skill sets to do all the construction work at a high level for your company. But in this day and age, that isn’t enough to succeed as a contractor company. You need to have a long-term business plan that includes a solid branding strategy. Without creating and maintaining a recognizable brand, you’re just one of a thousand other companies that may get passed over by potential clients.

Making a Name For Yourself

The same way that the title of a book or a movie is important, the name of a business definitely matters. There are a few different routes you can take, so you’ll want to consider the style of your branding before you decide on a name. For instance, you may opt for a sharp, tangible image, such as “Bird’s Eye Contracting” or go for a simpler, name-driven title, like “Williams Brothers Contracting.” With “Bird’s Eye,” you’d probably seek more images in your branding, whereas with Williams Brothers, you’d likely seek a more family-oriented approach. Whatever type of name you decide on, your contractor company should seek consistency in tone and color throughout all aspects of the branding.

facebook logo tilesThe Key to Success: A Logo

It’s amazing how significant a logo can be for your business. Nearly every successful business has a catchy brand with a memorable logo. Contracting business owners should strive to follow this line of thinking by establishing a logo to serve as an emblem of what the business is about.

Creating an Online Presence

It’s difficult to overemphasize the importance of establishing the web presence of your contractor company. The internet is the new front door, and chances are, you’ll generate most of your business from the web. Use this as an advantage! You can set yourself apart from less savvy companies in your field.

searching with googleBegin to build your web of trust through effective social media venues like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You’d be surprised by how much interest in your business you can actually create by posting regularly on social media. Google is out there to help you get to the top of the heap, but you have to know what users are looking for. With smart branding, you can land many clients from the internet and solidify a sustainable flow of business.

Contractors License Resource Group offers weekend classes on branding strategy and other helpful business practices to help you manage a contractor company that will flourish from season to season. In as little as one weekend, you can gain the knowledge to boost your business.


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