Know These Tips When Applying for California Contractors Licensing

The process of earning your California contractors licensing may seem daunting at first. There are a lot of ins and outs involved, but Contractor License Resource Group is here to help guide you through the whole process.

1. Make Sure You Don’t Check the “Self-Employed” Box

construction workers on scaffoldingHaving quality references to certify your Contractors State License Board experience is an essential part of the California contractors licensing application process. If you claim to be self-employed, then you essentially eliminate the possibility that you’ve been working under someone who can refer to you as an employee. To ensure that you get the required references, make sure to register as an employee, then get your reference from a fellow employee, supervisor, foreman, or anyone else who has first-hand knowledge about who you’ve worked with.

2. List Trade-Specific Experience

Stick with very straight-forward, generic trade duties. You don’t want to include a laundry list of administrative duties. Instead, list things that you perform and supervise, using a lot of trade-specific vocabulary. Don’t get too creative in this section, as it’s mainly just a way to make sure you are fulfilling the ordinary capacities of the trade in which you’re seeking your license.

3. Make Sure You Know Which License You’re Applying Forshoveling construction site dirt

If you apply for a Class A (Engineering), Class B (General), or Class C (Specific Trade) license, you’ll have to customize your California contractors licensing application. The sorts and varieties of jobs you’d like to do will determine which class of license you ultimately decide to pursue and what experience will be relevant on your application.

4. Take Advantage of Our Application Review Service

You don’t want all your time and energy and money to go to waste on an incorrectly completed application. It can be worth your while to have an industry professional at Contractors License Resource Group check your California contractors licensing application before you submit it. We know what the state is looking for in these applications, and we can steer you in the right direction to help get your application as perfect as possible before the final submission.


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