A Glimpse Into the Lead Certification Courses You’ll Need for Your Contractor’s License

We all know that lead-based paint is dangerous, not only for the environment, but for our own well being. chipped paintDue to this danger, lead-based paint was deemed a serious hazard and the United States’ Consumer Product Safety Commission banned its use in residential homes and public buildings in 1977. However, just because lead-based paints were outlawed a few decades ago doesn’t mean that we’re all in the clear.

Working On Older Homes & Businesses? Get EPA Certified at CLRG

If you are a contractor or painter who is renovating a home that was built before 1978, you need to be able to take the necessary safety precautions to lower the risk of lead contamination. Nationally, you are required to get EPA lead certification. In fact, if you fail to receive certification and you do not know the proper safety precautions to take during your renovations, you can cause harm to those around you, yourself, and your business.  

Non-compliant firms who continue to disturb lead-based paint in old homes, childcare facilities, and schools may be liable for civil penalties up to $37,500 per violation. Never take the risk. Instead, make the smart decision and take the next step in your career; register for one of our lead certification courses at Contractors License Resource Group. We’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to become EPA lead certified, and we’ll give you hands on training.

breathing masksYou’ll Learn About the Concerns & Regulations

Just being in a room full of contaminated dust can be enough to cause you harm. While children and pregnant women may be most vulnerable to lead poisoning, as it causes nervous system damage, stunted growth, kidney damage and delayed development, adults who are directly exposed to lead could also experience symptoms of lead poisoning, and it may even cause serious reproductive problems. In our lead certification courses you’ll learn about the concerns of being around lead-based paint and the regulations that are in place to keep employees, homeowners, and their families safe.

You’ll Get a Walkthrough of the Proper Procedures

In our lead certifications courses, you’ll learn plenty of valuable information that you can use when you’re on the job, including safety measures that you should take before starting the renovation, how to contain dust during the work, and how to properly clean up and evaluate the work that you’ve done to make sure it is safe, through and through.

You’ll Learn About Recordkeeping & How to Pass On Your Knowledge

contact workerTwo more valuable lessons you’ll learn in our lead certification courses at CLRG include the art of recordkeeping, and the steps to take when training non-certified renovation workers that you may have to bring in for the job. Even if your workers are not certified themselves, you’ll be representing them and it’s up to you to make sure that they take the proper safety precautions seriously. Teach them everything you know, and only then will the risk of lead exposure be minimized.

Start Today!

If you enjoyed this glimpse into the lead certification courses that you’ll need for your contractors license, it’s time to get serious. Sign up for our Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Course at Contractors License Resource Group and become a certified EPA lead expert today! Our lead certification courses are 8 hours long, and for your convenience, we hold them on Saturdays from 11am-7pm. For any questions, feel free to call us at 888-903-4803!


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