How Mold Certification Can Enhance Your Resume


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Contracting can be a cut-throat business when it comes to maintaining a steady stream of work year-round. How can you ensure that you’ll stay busy enough to support yourself and your family? By diversifying your skill set, you can stand out from your competitors. Potential customers like to know that their contractor has a wide range of skills and can point out anything wrong in the house, even if that wasn’t part of the original plan. Getting mold certification is one way to take you to the next level.

The Advantages of Additional Certifications

What do you do if you’re on a residential job site and you notice something that looks like mold? You already know enough to determine that you need to bring it up to the homeowners, but then they’ll have to hire another contractor to deal with it. This can frustrate your customer and waste their time. But if you have mold certification, you can properly diagnose the problem and offer to take care of the issue while you’re already out there. In this scenario, you are the big hero to the customer, by spotting and eliminating a potential headache. The more certifications you have, the more valuable you become as a contractor.

Training Your Eye to Target Mold

Mold is very sneaky. It thrives in places the eye rarely travels. What you’ll learn in a mold certification class is where to look for mold and then how to positively identify it. For the most part, the people who live or work in the space might not even know that mold is an issue before it’s too late and serious damage is already done.

Once you learn about the behaviors and habitable environments of mold, you’ll be able to add spot checks to your standard walk-through when you’re bidding a job. Since you’ll have training to eliminate and prevent future mold growth, you have another valuable skill you can bring to the table.

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Boost Your Resume in One Weekend

In as little as one Saturday, you can become a mold-spotting and eliminating guru who and can put prevention techniques in place. Mold certification will set you ahead of the curve by bolstering your resume. These days, a successful contractor has to be able to do it all. Let CLRG teach you how to increase your earning potential and reputation for years to come!


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