Networking Tips for Electrical Contractors

Marketing, advertising, and networking are important tools for every contractor. It’s not always the most glamorous, easiest, or most desirable aspect of your job, but it’s incredibly important. Marketing and networking help create a trustworthy image for your brand and help you increase your earnings potential. Let’s go over a few tips for networking and marketing for contractors.

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Business Cards

It may seem like a no-brainer, but every electrical contractor should create a business card, and then always have business cards with you. You never know when a chance encounter at the hardware store, the market, or the gas station could turn into a networking opportunity.

Your cards should clearly list your skills, your contact information, and your website. With so many affordable and interesting options available, your cards should also convey your individuality. Consider including interesting facts about electricity on your card, or even print it on a magnet so customers can put them on their fridge. Make your business card memorable so customers reach for it when they need an electrical contractor.

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Having electrical contractor business cards aren’t just a tip you should follow, they’re an absolute necessity.

Create and Maintain a Professional Image

Marketing for contractors isn’t just about advertising, it’s also about brand recognition and trust. Customers need to trust the contractors they hire. A great way to establish trustworthiness is to maintain a professional image and brand. Make sure you and your team wear clean uniforms or clothing and maintain a positive attitude. Your work vehicles should be clean and in good repair with your company logo and contact information clearly visible.

Great Service

You want your work to speak for itself, and that’s a major component of good marketing for contractors. But great service goes beyond simply finishing the job properly and on time. Following up with clients after the work is complete is a great way to create a positive reputation and foster long term working relationships. Maintaining contact with your clients establishes your business as professional and thorough, and makes clients more likely to give you word of mouth advertising.

Stay Positive and Stick With It

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Advertising and marketing your business isn’t the most enjoyable work. After all, you’re a contractor, not a marketer. Staying positive and sticking with it is vitally important for marketing for contractors. Not every contact will lead to work, but some will. Staying positive, introducing yourself to other contractors,  and real estate agents, and joining local associations will help you build your network. Advertising and marketing takes time to see benefits, but stick with it and you will eventually earn jobs from your marketing.

We Can Help

At Contractors License Resource Group we have over 35 years experience helping contractors just like you with marketing and advertising. We can help you build your website, create your unique electrical contractor business cards, and more. Contact us today to learn about our proven methods for advertising, marketing, and networking. We’ll help you spread the word about your skills and grow your earnings potential.


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