blueprint readingKnowing how to read and interpret a blueprint is an essential skill for those in the construction and contractor industry. If you wish to work as a licensed contractor on any job site, it is highly important that you know how to decipher and work with blueprints without misinterpretations. Contractor License Resource Group’s blueprint reading class will provide you with the tools and skill you’ll need to properly interpret and implement the information found on blueprints.

Whether you’re just learning to read blueprints or want to master the art of deciphering a variety of them, we’ve got the seminar for you.

read blueprintsReading Blue

For those just learning how to read blueprints, they can appear complicated and obscure. Our experts will guide you through the basics. In our blueprint reading class, we will teach you how to understand the various lines, symbols, and abbreviations that are often found on them. You’ll learn how to read architectural residential drawings, then how to use that information to choose the various materials and tools you’ll need to finish the job. Knowing how to successfully read and interpret blueprints is the foundation for a successful contracting career.

Mastering Blue

For those who want to become experts at reading a variety of blueprints, like structural, civil, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and even landscaping, our advanced blueprint reading class has got you covered. This 16 hour seminar will teach you first-class skills in data analyzation and problem solving, using the information contained in a number of different blueprints.

reading a blueprintShow Me The Money

Blueprints not only convey what structures need to be built and how to build them, they also convey the materials needed to complete the job. What’s more, by properly reading a blueprint, you can determine a completion forecast on all construction projects, allowing you to make more accurate proposals and bids. Properly reading blueprints will reveal the timeframe, material costs, labor estimates, and other financial details that will be major factors in determining costs and making bids. By correctly understanding the information contained in blueprints, you will be able to maximize your earnings potential.

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Being able to accurately read and interpret blueprints is a fundamental skill required of all licensed contractors. In order to properly estimate material and labor costs, you need to correctly decipher the lines and symbols they often include. This allows you to make more accurate and profitable bids. Even more, the information found on blueprints details all the work you’ll need to organize any needed construction and repairs.

So whether you’re just learning how to read blueprints or want to take your skill up a notch, our blueprint reading class will provide you with the necessary tools and skill set so you can read and interpret blueprints correctly and profitably. Become a more complete and valuable contractor with CLRG.

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