Business Infrastructure Development

Every good contractor knows the importance of a strong foundation and the need for solid framework on a job site. The same goes for your business. That’s why Contractors License Resource Group proudly offers a business development class, to guide you through the development of the foundation and framework of your career.

Dos And Don’tsDos And Don’ts

At CLRG, we’ve been successfully helping contractors when our Bellflower location first opened over 35 years ago. Our experts will teach you the basics of how to develop and build the infrastructure of your business. Our business development class will teach you the do’s and don’ts of certification. We’ll even help you develop a functional capability statement, so you can properly advertise your skills. Both work together as vital tools for growing your business reach as well as your earnings potential.

Earnings potential is important when developing a business plan strategy, which is why we guide you through the bidding process. Understanding how to properly read blueprints, estimate material and labor costs, bid on jobs, and maximize profit is vital for successful contractors.

Plan to PlanPlan to Plan

Participants of our business development class will also learn how to transform their business into a dynamic one. The most successful business owners understand the importance of planning and strategy. Planning in the office is just as important as planning on the jobsite, and we give you the tools to undertake this. What’s more, we cover general operations management and marketing, both indispensable aspects of effective business strategy.

Marketing is what gets you out there. You know how to do the work, and you do it well, so make sure that customers can find you. Our business development class will provide you with the right tools to understand marketing and what it can do for you.

Follow The Money

Finally, understanding how to properly account for your expenses and income is incredibly important when growing and developing your business. Knowing how much is going out and how much is coming in, and learning how to manage and record everything, is not only good business practice; it’s the law. Our business development seminar teaches you the importance of cash flow management.

You Can Do It

Life is busy and so are you. Between work and home life, your schedule is packed. Our 16-hour seminar is spread over 4 nights for your convenience. Surely you have just a few short hours to develop and grow your business?

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At Contractors License Resource Group, we’ve been guiding contractors through examinations and classifications for over 35 years. We know the industry and our experts can help. Our business development class will help you develop and build your business, increasing your reach, and expanding your earnings potential.

What are you waiting for? Take your business to the next level and enroll today!