You’re good at what you do. Heck, you’re good at a lot of things, that’s why you’re such a great contractor. Let people know you’re the best by creating a contractor business plan and spreading the word about your skill set. Contractors License Resource Group’s business planning and marketing seminar will provide you with the tools to get the word out about you and your unique abilities.Meet Other Contractors

There’s an old saying — it’s who you know, not what you know. We believe this is half true; at CLRG, we believe it’s who you know AND what you know that matters. That’s why our business planning and marketing seminar is so complete. You’ll meet other similar contractors, learn the details and the ins and outs of your industry, and create a vital personal and business network.

What You Know

Our business planning and marketing seminar isn’t just about networking with other professionals; it’s also about the important process of creating and implementing your own distinct contractor business plan. We provide you the tools to develop a business plan that suits your needs and your skill set. You’ll learn to maximize your trade classifications. By offering and advertising a variety of licensed skills and classifications, you increase your possible client base, strengthen your marketing abilities, and increase your earning potential.

business strategy

Plan For Success

From the simplest of construction jobs to vast commercial projects, there needs to be a well thought out and considered plan of attack, a blueprint. So why wouldn’t the same go for your business? At CLRG, we believe that proper preparation is the first step in any successful job completion. That’s why we focus on teaching you to craft your own unique contractor business plan. By considering your classifications, skills, and even weaknesses, you will create and develop your own personal strategy, a blueprint for your career. Don’t worry, we even provide you with a template to help get you started.


Spread The Word

Clients need the work done, you can do the work – now you just need to find each other. We provide you the tools to meet. Our seminar will teach you successful contractor marketing techniques so you can properly advertise your skill set to a wide customer base. We’ll teach you the value of branding your name and company for maximum exposure and a wider future client base.

business planning process

CLRG has been successfully guiding contractors through their careers for almost 35 years. Let us guide you through this important aspect of your business planning process. No other schools offer this program. Take your business to the next level with CLRG’s Business Planning and Marketing Seminar. What are you waiting for? Enroll in our seminar today!




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