You know how to do the work. You know what your work is worth. You also know that clients need the work done. So how do you ensure that you provide the best service to your customers at the most competitive cost? And how do you do all this while ensuring that you make the most profit as well? Contractors License Resource Group’s estimating for contractors seminar is just the program to provide you with answers.construction estimating classes

At CLRG we’ve been teaching contractors for 35 years; let us put our expertise to work for you and enroll in one of our construction estimating classes. In as little as one weekend we’ll provide you with the resources so you can understand the fundamentals and processes of estimating and bidding on construction jobs. You’ll learn the basic concepts and techniques regarding time, material needs, and labor expenditures so you can create informed and professional bids.

Bid For Bucks

Anyone can throw out a number and win a bid, but it takes a skilled and trained contractor to properly estimate and bid on a job to ensure minimal material costs and, of course, maximum profit margins. Our construction estimating training will provide you the resources to understand and properly estimate costs, materials, and labor. By understanding how to effectively estimate for the job and the concepts of how to properly place a bid you will become a more successful and profitable bidder and contractor.

Build Your Toolbox

Build Your ToolboxAt CLRG we provide you with the right tools to get the job done. Every skill set you add to your personal toolbox just makes you a better, more well-rounded contractor, and one that wins more jobs. We provide you with the tools to properly calculate business overhead, determine costs and percentages, and make accurate estimations in order to maximize profit margins and win bids. Construction estimating isn’t a guessing game – with the proper tools, information, and resources you’ll be able to create professional and profitable estimations for job bids.

Prepare For Success

contractors seminarUnderestimating or misunderstanding the bidding process results in lost time, wages, and even jobs. Don’t struggle on your own, CLRG has been guiding contractors through testing and certification for almost 4 decades. Prepare for success with our estimating for contractors seminar and become a more complete contractor.

In just one weekend you’ll learn how to effectively estimate and bid on jobs. You’ll learn how to calculate overhead, material costs, and labor expenditure in order to estimate for maximum profit. We even include an estimating book and calculator to get you started right. Enroll in one of our construction estimating classes today!


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