The most successful contractors are the ones who add additional classifications and certifications to their contractor license. The reason for this is simple — the more areas of licensed work you are able to offer clients, the more jobs you’ll be able to bid on, and the more bids you’ll win. Through the addition of other certifications, like the mold certification, you’ll not only increase your earnings potential, you’ll become a more complete contractor as well. Offering additional certifications simply makes good sense.license testingContractors License Resource Group has been guiding contractors through license certifications and license testing for many years. We put our expertise to work for you, providing you with the tools and skill set to get the job done right. Our mold certification seminar is an absolute must for any contractor looking to immediately expand the scope of the work they are able to offer to prospective clients.

inspect properties for mold

Our mold certification seminar provides you with all the tools you need to be a successful mold removal specialist. We’ll go over the basics, like what mold is and where you can find it. We’ll teach you how to properly inspect properties for mold, because it’s not only important to be able to identify mold; it’s also important to know how to look for it. We’ll teach you how to properly remediate, or remove, the mold. Finally, we’ll even teach you how to prevent mold in homes and buildings.

The Right Tools For The Job

Here at CLRG we know how important the right tools are for a properly completed job. That’s why enrollees in our seminar receive a mold handbook filled with useful information. You’ll also receive a certificate of completion and a cert card for your wallet. Our instructors will guide you through the entire mold certification process, providing their expertise and insight along the way.

Only One Day!

certified mold specialistAt CLRG you can become a certified mold specialist in as little as one day. We understand how busy life can be. Your time is valuable and between work and home life there’s not a lot of extra time to be found. That’s why we offer our mold certification seminar on Saturdays. In just one afternoon you can complete our seminar and receive your mold certification.

What Are You Waiting For?

At CLRG, we’ve been guiding students through certifications and licensure exams since our Bellflower location first opened, over 35 years ago. Let us prepare you for success. Our one-day mold seminar will provide you with the proper tools and skills to become a more complete contractor, and one who can offer more services and win more bids.

Our mold certification seminar is a quick and essential classification to add to your contractor license. By offering more services, you’ll increase your business earning potential. So what are you waiting for? Enroll today!


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