Application Process

Filling out a contractor license application is an exciting process. After all, the application isn’t just another form to be filled out; it’s the first step of your new life and career. So make sure you do it right the very first time. Our application process puts years of expertise to work for you and ensures that you turn in the proper form and that the form is mistake free.

That’s because at Contractors License Resource Group, we’ve been guiding students and contractors through license testing, adding additional classifications and skills, and building strong foundations for their careers for many years. We are committed to your success. So start your career the right way with CLRG’s application process service.

We Do The Work For You

Work For you

Now that you’ve made the decision to step out onto your new career path and complete your general contractor license, you’ve got some work to do. We know how exciting, important, and busy this time is for you. You’ve already got a lot on your plate, and now you’ll have to balance work, home life, and studying for your license examination.

The last thing you want to do is spend hours filling out a complicated application form. At CLRG, we have been helping students become licensed contractors for over 35 years. We will gladly type the correct application form for you — ensuring that it is done both accurately and professionally.

We Save You Time And Money

Save Time and Money

The contractor license application can be very confusing and is often turned in with mistakes leading to a costly rejection. In fact, nearly half of all applications submitted to CSLB are rejected for corrections.

Save your valuable time and resources for the important things in your life and let us worry about the details.

Call today and talk to us about your application, and ensure that you fill and file the proper form the right way the very first time.

We Know Our Paperwork


Not only do you need to fill out your contractor license application correctly, but you also need to ensure that you are filling out the proper form for your specific needs.

We cover a wide variety of license applications, including the original application, application exam waiver, additional license application, replacing qualifying individual, sole owner applying for corporation, change of business name or address, and even more. Contact us now to determine which form you need to submit.