Corporation Set-up

Contractor Business Corporation Setup

Don’t get overcharged by your accountant or lawyer when it comes to filing your business as a corporation! We have the lowest priced and most complete program in the industry. Some contractor schools will even charge you over $1100- for a corporation setup. At CLRG, we offer two Corporation Set-ups:


Contractor Business Corporation Setup


1) Articles of Incorporation Filed: Corp Name and Corp Number Stamped

2) EIN (Employer Identification Number, aka Tax ID #)

3) Statement of Information Completed and Filed

4) Customized Corporation Kit with Gold Engraved Corporation Name

5) Corporate Seal

6) Media Guide CD

7) Customized Bylaws and Initial Minutes Completed

8) Stock Certificates and Ledgers

9) Annual Reminder Notices

10) Corporate Compliant One-on-One Consultation

A Corporation gives you “Personal Liability Protection” from your business, that is, it separates your business from your personal dealings. There are approximately 660 tax write offs for corporations, versus only 60 for sole owners and partnerships. Corporations create instant credibility and a marketing “bigness”. With a corporation, you can expand or recreate your credit via corporate credit. In the long run, a corporation is more beneficial because it is perpetual, meaning your business can be handed down, unlike a sole owner or a partnership. And finally, you will win more bids as a corporation! Do it right the first time and file your business as a corporation.

Contractor Business Corporation Setup