Rudy Herrera

“From the first step in the door, Josie & Erika were very helpful and informative. Every step of the way they were there to answer any questions and most important, motivate me. Even when I was starting to miss class because of my busy schedule, they were always making sure I was coming back and still moving toward my goal. Slowly but surely their constant help and motivation brought me to this day. Huge thanks to Josie & Erika!”

– Rudy Herrera
Bellflower, CA

Willy Omar Santos

“My experience in school was so good. The teachers are professional and treat you as a person not a number, and the material they provide is accurate and up to date. I am so happy to let Contractors License Resource Group help me get my license. I highly recommend them to all my friends and people I know. Thank you CLRG! Special thanks to Hector and Marlyn.”

– Willy Omar Santos
Alhambra, CA

Jesus Merino

“The school material is great and helped me pass both exams. I recommend [CLRG] for anyone who would like to get their contractors license and make sure to study and you will pass.”

– Jesus Merino
Garden Grove, CA

Ronald Gomez

“I will be honest, the experience was good. I did not attend class on a regular basis but the experience with the material provided was all I needed. The biggest and most important help I received was by Avigail and her experience with the application submittal. That was my biggest worry and she helped and pushed me through. I am grateful for her help!”

– Ronald Gomez
Garden Grove, CA

Andres Garcia

“One of the best Contractor schools in Southern California. I really recommend this school, their services and staff are very attentive, kind, and professional. If you want to become a contractor, CLRG is your reliable success beginning and let Avigail Pelagio guide you, she is the best!”

– Andrés Garcia
Garden Grove, CA

Francisco Marcial

“Avigail is the salesperson of the year! Thank you for the thorough information and to CLRG! Your material is the best. Study was hard, taking the test was easy. If someone doesn’t pass, that’s because they didn’t study. You get what you work for! Thanks!”

– Francisco Marcial
Garden Grove, CA

Yener Delgado

“The staff from CLRG are very well trained, they helped me step by step until I got my license. They answered all of my questions and concerns, in addition all of the classes and materials were very well explained. Thank You CLRG!”

– Yener Delgado
Glendale, CA

Ruben Zarate

“Thank you so much to CLRG for the help in passing my law and business exams. The book, the OLPT, the gold sheets, the seminars, and the live classes all helped me. Thank you again for the help and thank you everyone!”

– Ruben Zarate
Garden Grove, CA

Daniel Virgen

“First of all I am glad I found this school which has helped me in many ways. I didn’t have much time but the classes helped me understand a lot of things. I would like Thank my School Director Rebecca for assisting me. The test was a challenge but with my effort and dedication I managed to pass it. Thank You CLRG!”

– Daniel Virgen
Baldwin Park, CA

Jose Arturo Delgado

“I am very thankful for CLRG and their materials and the way they implement their classes geared to help you pass your exams. The reason I didn’t pass on my first try, was due to my concentration on 1 subject. All the material given to me was great help and sufficient enough for me to pass my exams.”

– Jose Arturo Delgado
Garden Grove, CA