Contracting Course Programs Vs. One Night Seminars

contractor seminars 1You’ve decided to earn your California state contractors license, and it’s a good decision. You also know that you want some help to get there; after all, the application and exam can seem pretty daunting. But with so many options out there, how do you know which is best for you and your situation? Should you take a full contracting course program or focus your studies with one-off contractor seminars?

Full Course Programs

Contracting course programs should be fully comprehensive. The good ones will go over the law and business portion of the exam, cover the trade section, and will provide you with all the applicable study materials you need to properly prepare for the testing process. These programs will also guide you through the often difficult and confusing application process.

contractor seminars2In School

In a school setting, programs will provide you with time in a classroom where you’ll learn from and work hand-in-hand with experts in your field. Also, you’ll have full access to libraries, computers, and other amenities offered by the school.

At Home

At home programs, while still intended to be complete and thorough, will give you more freedom to work at your own pace. Studying up-to-date business law and trade when you have the time will help you pass your exam and begin your career.

At Contractors License Resource Group, we offer a variety of programs and courses to best suit you and your goals. Our in-school and at-home programs are both excellent ways to prepare for the arduous contractors exam. What’s more is our additional classifications and combo packages that can help you build on the foundation you’ve already created for your business and career.


For those who don’t need a full course program, one night contractor seminars are a great option. Seminars pack in the vital information for contractors who wish to increase their licensed skill set and can help those who need just a little extra push to get through their licensing exams.

Seminars can help you quickly and successfully prepare for your exam, especially in areas of the test where you might feel weakest. For example, a seminar for the law and business portion of your exam will provide you with strategies and methodologies designed to give you confidence and help you pass this part of your exam.

Build Your Future

contractor seminars3Licensed contractor seminars are effective ways to help support your future. Seminars in business planning, marketing, EPA lead certification, estimating, blueprint reading, and business infrastructure can help develop your brand and increase your ability to bid on and win jobs.

Call Today To Find Out More

Contractors License Resource Group has been helping professionals increase their skill set for about forty years. Our seminars can help you stack your licensed classifications, become a more well-rounded contractor, and even teach you how to market and brand yourself in the digital age.

Choosing between full programs or contractor seminars can feel a bit daunting. At the end of the day, which one will be better for you? Contact CLRG to discuss which option might be more appropriate for you. Whether you’re new to the game or you’re a seasoned pro, our programs and seminars can benefit you. Call now!


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