Why Contractor License School is Worth the Investment

If you’re considering taking the CSLB general contractor license exam and earning your California state contractors license, then you’ve probably considered contractor license school, too. After all, preparing for and passing the exam can be extremely difficult, and contractor school can definitely help you get ready for the test — but is it worth the investment of time and money?

Contractor workingIt absolutely can be, as long as it’s the right school. That’s because the right school will work with you, helping you fill out your application, prepare for and pass your exam, and earn your license quickly so you can start working as a licensed contractor as soon as possible.

Submitting Paperwork
Filling out complicated government forms can be incredibly frustrating. The right contractor license school can help you correctly fill and file the proper forms, ensuring that you won’t waste time and money resubmitting your application. Nearly half of all applications submitted to the CSLB are actually returned, due to forms that are filled out incorrectly. Ensuring the help of a contractor school can minimize your chance of having your application returned due to error.

Prepare Smart
Attending a licensing school can help you prepare for the arduous license examination. Daily life is pretty hectic. Between work and home duties, there is little time left to seek out and study the proper law, business, and trade materials. A good licensing school will provide you with many different options for preparation. Home study, classroom options, workshops, seminars, written materials, audio and video, sample tests, and computer access should all be provided to make sure you’re well prepared to pass your licensing exam.

Contractor studyingPass Now
Contractor license school should prepare you to pass the exam immediately after completion of the program. This ensures that you qualify quickly, allowing you to win bids on jobs sooner. Earning revenue as a contractor right away is what it’s all about. By attending licensing school, you cut down on your prep time, eliminate costly retests, and start working as a licensed contractor in a lot less time.

Get it Done Right
Aside from helping you correctly fill and file your application, a licensing school will properly prepare you for your exam by providing the best materials for you to study. Furthermore, the school will help you earn your license in as little time as possible. As a result, you can get a head start on launching your new career as a licensed contractor.

Contractor meetingA Useful Tool
Just like tools, not all schools are created equal. Some schools will sell you materials, but won’t provide the personal support you need to achieve your goals. Not all schools can help you fill and file your application. Not all schools are committed to your success.

Call Us Now
Here at CLRG, our contractor license school is committed to providing exemplary education for students looking to earn their contractor license. We provide full support and valuable resources for our students, ranging from weekly reminders to up-to-date study materials and classroom training programs. We’re dedicated to your success, and are here to guide you through the licensing process.

What are you waiting for? Your new career is just around the corner! Contact us today to get started.


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