Ensuring Your Success with the Contractor License Exam

contractors license testThe state contractors license test can be very difficult. Aside from the exams you are required to pass, you must also meet many different requirements. These include passing a background check, submitting fingerprints, fulfilling bond and insurance standards, filling and filing a lengthy state application, all on top of preparing and passing the exam. All are required to earn your state contractors license and it’d be a shame for one of them to get in your way.

Blueprint for Success

You know how important a well designed blueprint is for a construction job. The same rings true for your own career goals. In order to ensure your success on the contractors license test, you will need to create your own personal blueprint. Draw up a plan of attack, give careful consideration to important dates, create clearly defined goals and timelines, and then effectively put your plans into action.

Apply Yourself

The first step toward successfully completing your contractor license test is simply to apply for it. contractors license test 2This sounds like a relatively simple process; you fill out an application and file it with a government office. But like so many other government forms and departments, simple is rarely the case. In fact, nearly half of all submissions to the CSLB, the government body in charge of all construction and contractor licensing, are rejected due to error.

As part of the application process you will be required to submit your fingerprints and pass a background check. What’s more is that you will need to demonstrate work experience. The certification of work experience must be filled out by a certified person who can speak to your experience. You may also need to provide records to prove your experience.

Hit the Books

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements of the application and your form has been accepted, you will need to prepare for the exam. The state contractors license test is split into two separate exams: the law portion and the trade portion. Each exam is 120 questions and you will need to pass both in order to earn your contractor license.

contractors license test 3Even if you’ve been on the job for decades, you should still prepare for the exam. You will need to find the appropriate, up-to-date study materials and take the time to study them. Adequate preparation is perhaps the most important step to ensuring you pass your contractors license test.

A Strong Support System

Every building needs a firm foundation, right? So do you. The testing process can be time consuming and frustrating. In order to ensure your success on the contractors license test, you will need your own support system. Reminders, encouragements, and achievable goals along the way will ensure you stay motivated about passing your exam for your state contractors license.

We Can Help

Contractors License Resource Group has been guiding people through the difficult contractor license testing process for nearly forty years. Our students have a 99% pass rate because of our dedication and their hard work. We would love to help you start your future. Contact us today!


  1. Great post. It is a a lot of help to have license and it means that you are very capable to do a lot of work.

  2. Make sure they are willing to give you a written contract describing the work to be done, materials to be used, and price. Ask them if they are willing to accept a check or credit card for payment so you both have a copy for your records.

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