How To Find Contractor License Requirements Specific to Your State

Making the decision to get your California state contractors license is a big one. It can also be a difficult choice, since the process is often challenging. Fortunately, a good contractor state license school can help you apply, prepare for, and pass your licensing exam. Once you have your license, you’ll be able to contract, subcontract, and supervise, plus work on construction, remodeling, and repair jobs with a value of more than $500. Most importantly, you’ll be taking the first step on a new career path.

contractorBefore you earn your contractors license, you’ll need to know which one you need for your skill set and your future goals. There are a number of classes and classifications of licenses, all with differing requirements for completion.

A Whole Lot of Class
There are quite a few classes and classifications of contractor licenses available in California. A contractor state license school can help you determine which class is right for you. Class A is the general engineering contractor license, Class B is the general building contractor license, and Class C is the specialty contractor license. The Class C license has over 35 different classifications, covering special skills in trades like framing, concrete, electrical, roofing, plumbing, solar, and many more.

The Red Tape
The CSLB is a valuable resource for information on which class and classification you should earn your license in. Of course, calling government offices or reading government websites is a lot like filling out government forms — overly wordy, time consuming, complicated, and frustrating.

The Application Process
You could wade your way through the bureaucratic seas of confusion, or you could contact a contractor state license school for more information on which class and classification of license you should apply for.

Once you know which class and classification you will apply for, you must correctly fill and file the appropriate application with the CSLB, acquire and study all the relevant materials for your test, and of course, pass your exam. Since the process can be long and difficult, a licensing school can help.

Contractor studyingAsk the Experts
The most effective and easiest way to find out the requirements specific to your contractor license needs is to contact a contractor state license school. Contractor License Resource Group has been successfully guiding students through the complex application, preparation, and examination process for almost 40 years.

Contact Us Now
Here at CLRG, we are ready to answer all your questions. We can also assist with creating a plan specific to your skill set, and we’ll help you accomplish your goals. In fact, once you’ve passed your test, we can help you grow in your career by adding additional classifications and skills, marketing and branding your company, and strengthening your personal toolbox. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, contact us today!


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