How Contracting Classes Can Help You Receive Your License

construction worker buildingEarning your contractor license is one of the best things you can do for your career. That’s because it allows you to create your own path. With your contractor license you can make bids, take on jobs, and even hire staff to work under your license. CLRG offers a wide range of classes to help you earn your license and build your contractor career. We can even help you add skills with our lead certification classes.

What it Takes

Getting your license can be a complicated process. You need to fill out a lengthy and complicated government application, prepare for a comprehensive examination on business, law, and trade, and then you need to pass the test. Taking contractor classes will improve your ability to understand the material and pass the exam the first time.


At Contractors License Resource Group we offer a wide variety of classes, seminars, and take home materials to help you prepare for the test. Our classes include business and law prep, test examinations, and more. We can even help you fill out your application. We also offer a wide range of classes to help you build upon your skills and strengths and grow your business. We offer mold certification, blueprint reading, marketing, and lead certification classes.

college classroomState of the Art

Our many convenient locations around Southern California offer state of the art amenities to help you prepare for examinations and earn your contractors license. We have computer labs, up to date study materials, and industry experts to help guide you through the often difficult and confusing process of getting your license and building your career.

At our schools we can help you learn additional skills in a fostering environment. We offer many classes that will help you capture more customers, like business planning classes, marketing classes, estimating classes, and lead certification classes.

A Little Push

Ultimately, contracting classes can help you earn your license by giving you the tools, resources, and encouragement to stick with the process and finish strong. At CLRG we even boast a 99 percent pass rate for our students, so you know you’ll be able to earn your license. Our staff will even check in with you to give helpful reminders and encouragement so you know you’re not alone.

workplace deskEven More

We also know how important it is to continue to work at your career after you earn your contracting license. That’s why we offer a wide range of classes that help you grow your business. We can help you incorporate and protect your assets, we can help you build a website and digital presence, and we can help you increase your licensed skills with our lead certification classes.

Choose the Best

At CLRG we’ve been helping people just like you earn their contractor license for nearly 40 years. Our contractor classes will help your earn your license and start your career. But that’s not all, we’ll also help you grow and foster your business with our wide range of classes, seminars, and workshops on everything from business planning, to web design, to mold removal. Call today to find out how you can earn your contractor license and start building your future.


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