How to Receive Your EPA Lead Certification

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requires that contractors who perform renovation and repair to lead paint must be certified to do so. Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in fines of up to $37,500 per day of work on the structure or facility.

Getting your EPA lead certification simply makes sense for your contractor business. It allows you to renovate and repair buildings and structures that used lead paint without facing stiff penalties. It also allows you to complete renovations on a wider range of jobs, allowing your contractor company to bid on more sites.

signing papersSubmit an Application

Before you can receive your EPA lead certification you need to submit an application with the EPA. If it is your first time applying for the certification you may need to complete a registration of your business with the EPA.


Once you have submitted your application with the EPA, you’ll need to register for and complete a training workshop or seminar. The training concentrates on procedures that will minimize lead dust generation and soil contamination during repair, remodel, or maintenance of structures with lead based paints. The EPA lead certification training will include information on regulations, what to do before work begins, how to contain dust during work, how to clean the worksite, and how to keep compliant records.


small classroomOnce you have completed the training you’ll need to pass a short certification exam in order to complete the process and receive your lead certification. The exam will cover the information you received in your training and once passed will allow you to bid on and complete work on sites that used lead based paint.


The benefits of getting your EPA lead certification far outweigh the minimal cost and time needed to attain it. Once you receive approval from the EPA you are able to use the official EPA lead-safe firm certification in your advertising and marketing. This not only allows you to complete work on a wider range of buildings and structures, it also gives your business a more professional image.

How to Get Yours

painter in actionGetting your lead certification is a great benefit for your contractor business. Contractors License Resource Group has helped countless contractors just like you receive their EPA lead certification. The best way to get yours is to call us today. We have seminars twice a month for your convenience.

Sign Up Today

We can help you with the application and review process. Our expert instructors will give you all the information you need to successfully pass and implement your certification. From regulations, to job prep, to clean up we give you the tools to get the job done right.

What are you waiting for? Earning your EPA lead certification is an easy way to boost your business. Sign up for one of our lead certification seminars today and grow your business.


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