How to Spread the Word About Your Contracting Business

You’re great at what you do, so how do you let prospective customers know about you and your services? The answer is marketing. Spreading the word about your business is a vital aspect of growing your company and increasing your earnings potential. Keep reading for a few helpful contractor marketing ideas from Contractors License Resource Group.

laptop and notepadLogo

Your company logo is an important part of your marketing campaign. If you think about major corporations like Apple or Nike you immediately conjure up images of their logos. That’s because their logos are an integrated aspect of their brand. You should create a simple logo that exemplifies your brand, and it should be everywhere. It should be on your website, your business cards, your letterhead, your company vehicles, even on your uniforms and hats. One of the simplest, yet most important contractor marketing ideas is a recognizable logo for your company.


Whether you’re a new or an established contractor with a long career you need to have a digital presence. These days, prospective customers want to search out contractors online, and if you don’t have a website they will choose the services of some other contractor that does. That’s one reason that creating a simple, easy to use website is crucial for the success of your business.

Your business needs to have a website that lists contact information, skills and services, and customer referrals. Launching and maintaining a website is a necessary aspect of your marketing and will help you grow your contractor business.

Business Cards

Even in the digital age, a well made business card is one of the most valuable contractor marketing ideas around. Don’t just print a card with your name and number on it. Make it stand out from the crowd. With so many options for do it yourself cards available you can get creative with your business cards. You can have a small ruler printed on the back or if you specialize in plumbing you can make cards in the shape of a spigot. The sky’s the limit with how you can create individualized and truly memorable cards.

Ask for Reviews

business dealAlong with your website, prospective customers will definitely seek out review websites like Yelp to find out more about your business. Ask satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on these kinds of sites. You can even consider offering discounts on future work for customers that leave positive reviews.

Ask for Help

You’re a contractor, not an advertiser or marketer. We can help you create a memorable and effective advertising campaign. Our wide range of contractor marketing ideas will help you spread the word about your business. At CLRG we can help you design a logo and business cards, create and maintain a great website, and market your skills and services. Call today to learn more about getting the word out and growing your business.


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