The Importance of Getting Your License

Making the commitment to earn your California state contractors license is one of the most important business decisions you can make for your life and your career. That’s because once you complete the contractor licensing process, a whole new world of work and earning possibilities become available to you.

ContractorLicensed Freedom
Once you earn your contractor license, you actually gain quite a bit of freedom. Aside from being your own boss, you will have the freedom to bid on more lucrative jobs, supervise, and even increase your earning potential. Once you get your license, you will be able to take on remodeling and construction projects with values of more than $500. If you want, you can make the bid, do all the work, and keep all the profits.

Stack Em Up
After you finish your original contractor licensing, you can add additional classifications to your license. The most successful contractors are the ones who can bid on a wide variety of jobs. Having multiple classifications on your original license allows you to win and complete more jobs and grow your business.

The Right Tool
Based on past experience, you know just how important the proper tool can be when you want to finish the job right. You can become your own best tool by finishing your licensing. As a licensed member of the crew, you can carry out more tasks, act as a subcontractor, and even lead and supervise job sites.

Once you have earned your state contractor license, you become a valuable and multi-functional tool. As you stack classifications on to your general license, you become a virtual swiss army knife of expertise, increasing your value and usefulness to potential clients across the board.

Start Your Own Business
Ultimately, the most important aspect of earning your contractor licensing is being able to start your own construction, remodeling, or repair business. You can incorporate and file your business as the qualifying individual. This separates your personal assets from company assets, plus protects what belongs to you and your family in the case of litigation. Records show that nearly half of all contractors are sued in their careers, so it’s wise to be prepared for this contingency.

Contractor at workDo Something for You
You work hard, you play hard, and you don’t mind making sacrifices for your family. So, why not do something for yourself and your loved ones? When you complete the licensing process, you open the door to unlimited business potential. As a licensed contractor, you can take on bigger, more lucrative jobs, increase your skill set, and grow your business.

We Can Help Get You There
At Contractor License Resource Group, we can help you get your contractor licensing and achieve your goals. After all, we’ve been doing it for almost 40 years. In fact, 99 percent of our students pass the exam. We know just how important it is to earn your state contractors license, and we can help you get yours. Contact CLRG today for more information.


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