Odds and Ends: The Little Things Every Contractor Needs to Begin Working

toolbeltAt Contractors License Resource Group we pride ourselves on our track record of helping contractors start their careers off the right way. It’s just one of the reasons we offer so many helpful seminars, certifications, and classes to help contractors stack their licenses and increase their business potential.

While you definitely need the right tools and supplies to begin working you also need the right certified skills to truly open the door to your potential. Here we list just a few of the odds and ends you’ll want to add to your list of qualifications before you start taking on jobs.

Lead Certification

Earning your EPA lead paint certification is an easy and effective addition to your personal toolbox. Adding this licensed skill will create more opportunity for you to take on bigger and better jobs. Once you receive your EPA certification you are able to renovate, repair, and maintain properties that have lead based paint. Aside from helping you avoid $37,500 fines for working on lead paint without the proper certification, earning your EPA cert will allow you to increase the jobs you can take on and increase your earnings potential.

Mold Certification

contractor workerJust like the EPA lead paint certification, earning your mold certification is a relatively simple way to increase your skill set and grow your business. Knowing how to properly identify and remediate mold will allow you to bid on and win more jobs. What’s more is that increasing your licensed skill set gives your business a more professional image.

Business Cards

Your professional image is very important to the success of your business. One of the simplest ways of creating a professional image is with high quality business cards. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many contractors don’t carry business cards with them at all times. You should.

Every interaction is an opportunity to network and create business. At job sites, at the hardware store, even when you’re filling gas in your work vehicle you should have cards with you. Your cards can advertise your licensed skills like mold certification or EPA lead paint certification so people will know you run a professionally certified contractor business.

meetup for ideasHelping Hand

Earning certifications and carrying professional business cards is just the beginning. At CLRG we can help you harness the right tools and skills to grow the business that you want. We offer a wide range of classes and seminars that will help you build your personal toolbox and increase the potential of your business.

We can help you earn your mold certification, your EPA lead paint certification, we can even help you create business cards, a website, and a marketing campaign. Call us today to find out what skills you can add to create a growing, thriving contractor business.


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