Marketing for Beginners: What You Should Know

contractor toolsAs a contractor you know how to do a lot of things; you bid on jobs, read blueprints, allocate time and supplies for a worksite, and you can get the job done right. That’s because contracting is your area of expertise, general contractor marketing most likely isn’t. But you need to market and advertise your contracting company to be competitive and grow your business.

Contractors License Resource Group has a long history of helping contractors achieve their goals. We have the expertise to help you create and implement a successful marketing strategy for your contractor business. Keep reading for a few tips on what you should know when you first start your own general contractor marketing campaign.

Know Your Strengths

The key to any successful advertising campaign is to educate the public about what your company does well. You need to know, and know how to talk about, your strengths. After all, you’re advertising your business, so how do you want to talk about it? Create a list of your licensed skills, your qualifications, and your areas of expertise. This is what you’ll highlight in your own general contractor marketing campaign.

Know Your Competition

view of housingOnce you know your strengths you need to know your competition. For example, if every general contractor in your area seems to advertise their skill in cabinetry you should highlight your skill in deck construction or plumbing. Understanding your competition and how they advertise should give you a better idea of which contractor skills are being overly marketed and which ones present a greater opportunity for you to monopolize.

Know Your Community

In the same way that it is helpful to know your competition to effectively wage a general contractor marketing campaign, it is helpful to know your community. If you work in a dry, arid environment you probably won’t want to make your mold certification your primary skill in your marketing. Knowing your area allows you to focus your marketing to the customers who need you the most.

Know Your Digital Self

brainstorming ideasIt seems like just yesterday that word of mouth and a strong work ethic were all you needed to create a successful contractor career. These days, you simply must have an online presence in order to succeed. Creating and maintaining a website is crucial if you want to run a successful contractor business. Prospective customers search for contractors online and they also look for reviews and feedback online. The heart of your general contractor marketing is your digital presence.

Know an Expert

The best thing you can know when starting a marketing campaign for your business is someone who is an expert in contractor marketing. CLRG has been helping contractors like you take their business to the next level with our business development and marketing for contractor seminars. We’ll give you the tools to create and implement a successful marketing campaign. Call today to find out how you can effectively market your business!


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