Marketing Tips for Your Company

Even if you’re the best contractor around, if customers can’t find you, you won’t get work. You need to spread the word about yourself before you can start to work. Marketing your contractor business is vital to your success. But with so much competition out there, what can you do to stand apart from the crowd and grow your business? A strong business marketing plan will help you get the word out and increase your bids and jobs.

silver laptopAt Contractors License Resource Group we specialize in helping contractors achieve their career goals. We have marketing and business planning seminars that can help you spread the word and get more work. Keep reading for a few helpful hints on how to market your company.

Consistent Branding

Creating a consistent brand is an important aspect of marketing your business. Your company logo, business cards, work vehicles, and website should work together to create the image of your business. A well conceived business marketing plan will include creating and implementing the brand of your business.

This gives your company a professional, trustworthy image. Your brand is typically the first introduction prospective clients have with your company. So make it exemplify your skills, your passion, and your values.

Get Online

One of the most important marketing tools is a clean, easy to use website. Prospective clients search for contractors online. That means you need to have a website. Your website should convey your brand and give useful contact and service information.

Expand Your Skill Set

Great marketing communicates your skill set. The most successful contractors are the ones that offer a wide range of licensed services. Stacking, or adding additional classifications to your original license, allows you to compete for a variety of bids and work a wider range of jobs. Your business marketing plan should include adding more skills and classifications to your license.

Offering more services allows you to market your business to a larger audience. When you can attract a wider range of customers you can increase your earnings potential and grow your business.

puzzle piecesDo Excellent Work

Perhaps the most effective way to market your business is word of mouth marketing. Ensuring that your work is excellent helps your company grow. These days, people share their experiences online. Prospective customers ask friends and check online review sites when making decisions about contractors. By providing excellent work and service you help spread the word about your business in an organic way.

Work With Experts

Ultimately, a well crafted business marketing plan is the best tool to help you advertise your company and grow your business. Contractors License Resource Group has been successfully helping contractors create business plans and market their skills for many years. We can give you the tools to create a brand, design a website, print business cards, add licensed classifications, and grow your business. Sign up for our marketing for contractors seminar now for more tips and start spreading the word about your contractor business.


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