Must-Have Credentials for Every Contractor

contractor’s toolboxYou know just how important every tool in your toolbox is. Each one is vital to the success of every job you work. The same is true for your skills and credentials. They are the tools you use to grow your business and increase your earnings potential. They’re licensed skills and credentials like blueprint reading, EPA lead certification, and mold removal. But unlike the physical tools in your toolbox you can’t simply buy these skills, you need to earn them.

Contractors License Resource Group has been helping contractors achieve their goals for nearly 40 years. We pride ourselves on our history of helping. We can help you acquire the skills and credentials every contractor needs to be successful. Here are just a few of the must-have credentials we can help you earn.

Blueprint Reading

Knowing how to properly read and interpret a blueprint is a vital skill for any contractor. It lets you know what tools, supplies, and manpower you’ll need to get the job done. Understanding all the information on a blueprint assures you’ll get the job done quickly and profitably. This is a must-have skill for any contractor.

blueprint of ideasLead Certification

An EPA lead certification truly is a must-have credential. If you work on a job site that uses lead based paints and you don’t have a certification you are liable to pay fines of up to $37,500 per day. Avoiding the fines alone makes this a valuable licensed skill. However, the advertising and jobs opportunities it provides is what really makes this a necessary credential.

When you receive your certification you can remodel, repair, and maintain any structure that has lead based paints, increasing your potential job opportunities. What’s more is that you’re allowed to advertise your EPA lead certification, granting you a more professional image for your contractor company.

Mold Certification

Another credential you simply need to have in your contractor tool box is mold removal. Knowing how to properly remediate mold will increase the number of jobs you can take on. At CLRG we offer mold certification seminars that give you your mold certification in as little as one day, so even if you’re incredibly busy you can still find the time to get your mold removal credential.

contractor’s buildingBuild Your Toolbox

Adding credentials and certified skills is all about building your personal toolbox and growing your business. Adding a mold certification or a lead certification will increase your job opportunities, give your business a professional image, and expand your earnings potential.

At CLRG we can help you add must-have credentials to your contractor license. Call today to discuss your business goals and what credentials you should add to get there. What are you waiting for? Get your must-have credentials today.


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