What Drywall Contractors Should Know About Their Specialized Field

contractor paintingIf you’re a contractor that specializes in drywall you deal with a lot more than simply putting up drywall and painting. You handle textures like knock down, popcorn, and orange peel and you work with all different types of ceilings, walls, corners, and crowns.

Contractors License Resource Group can help you add additional classifications to your contractor license so you can take on even more jobs. Adding a mold certification and a lead paint certification will allow you to expand your business and grow your earnings potential.

Mold Certification

One of the most common reasons customers seek out drywall contractors is water damage. Leaky pipes, natural disasters, and pooled water seep into walls, ceilings, and floors and wreak havoc on drywall. Replacing and repairing drywall that has been damaged by water takes more than just a simple replacement. You need to know how to properly identify and remediate mold and water damage to correctly repair the damage and ensure that no further issues arise.

At CLRG we have a comprehensive mold certification seminar you can complete in a day or two that will properly educate you on how to identify and remove mold and water damage. Adding this licensed skill to your contractor license will allow you to advertise as a mold removal specialist and take on more jobs.

room under constrcutionLead Certification

In the same way that a mold certification is a good way to increase your business, adding a lead paint certification to your license will open the door to many more repair, remodel, and maintenance jobs. In fact you must be certified by the EPA to work on properties that have lead based paint. Working on properties with lead paint without the proper certification can result in fines of up to $37,500 a day.

We offer EPA lead certification classes twice a month for your convenience. Once you complete the process and earn your lead paint certification you will be able to take on jobs that require repair or maintenance of lead paint. You will know how to correctly prep and remove lead based paint with minimal impact to the property and environment.

What’s more is that you’ll be able to advertise your contractor business with the EPA lead paint certification logo. This lets customers know that you are licensed and highly professional. It will improve your advertising ability and help you take on more jobs.

business dealPartner With an Expert

As a drywall specialist you know how to caulk, prime, paint, and repair drywall in any manner of nook or cranny. The best way to increase your business and grow your job opportunities is to add licensed skills to your original license. Adding a mold certification and a lead paint certification opens the door to bigger and better jobs.

What are you waiting for? Increase your business now and sign up for one of our many seminars and classes. Call CLRG today.


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