What You Need To Know About Switching States As A Contractor

contractors state license schoolsAs a licensed contractor, you’re able to put your skill set to work and bid on a wide variety of jobs. The opportunities for work are endless, though sometimes great opportunities are found out of state.

Many contractors will find themselves permanently moving out of state or trying to expand their customer base outside of their home licensing state. However, to accomplish this, there are a few key things to know about switching states as a licensed contractor. CLRG’s contractors state license schools can answer your questions about this process while preparing you to switch your contractor license between states.


Some states offer reciprocity agreements for licensed contractors. This basically means that your contractors license is more easily transferable between certain states. California currently has reciprocity agreements with Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

For contractors with licensed skills that have identical or fundamentally indistinguishable requirements, the licensing process can be considerably easier. The Contractor State License Board, or CSLB, is the government agency in charge of construction regulation and licensing in California. The CSLB sets the requirements for reciprocal licensing between California and other states.

contractors state license schools 2Requirements

While this agreement makes it easier to switch your contractor license between these states, you will still need to fulfill some requirements set by the CSLB. The license that you will be applying for must be listed on the state’s reciprocal classification list. Also, your license must be active, in good standing, and at least 5 years old.

File an Application

You will still need to fill out an official application for a state contractors license, and may be required to take the full licensing examination. However, the reciprocity agreement may exempt you from the trade portion of the test. You will still be required to take and pass the business and law portion of the test in order to receive your new license.

Some Testing Required

contractors state license schools 2Taking a class on the business and law practices at a local contractor state license school is highly recommended. This portion of the exam can be quite difficult and laws may differ between states.

Not All States Have Reciprocity

Some states don’t have reciprocity agreements at all. For some of these states, like Maine, your existing contractor license should still be valid. However, most states will require you to begin anew, which means you’ll need to fill out an application, prepare for and pass the exam, and fulfill any additional requirements. These often include background checks, proof of bond insurance, and even demonstration of working capital.

The statewide governmental agency charged with regulating construction should be consulted for more information. A contractor state license school, however, is sometimes a better resource for switching your license between states. They’ll not only have all the pertinent information but they’re trained to help you prepare for whatever steps you need to take to earn your new license.

We Can Help You Switch States

Contractors License Resource Group operates top notch contractors state license schools in California. We know the fine print of the licensing process, including how to quickly and efficiently switch your contractor license between states. CLRG has been helping contractors build their careers for nearly forty successful years. Contact CLRG today to find out how you can switch states as a licensed contractor.


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